Monday, December 14, 2009

WPBT: Stills of a Weekend


I guess I possessed a camera inside my head using my eyes as shutters and reproduce those photos on to these pages for the images I've taken in this weekend. Some pictures of course would remain off, only brought out for a good laugh between those who hated their livers and sleep during the WPBT Winter Classic for the past 3-4 days.

But other stills of the action could be used to show just why this group of professional degenerates decents upon Vegas every December to tilt a cowboy and leave with another story of friendship and gambling woes.

I didn't bet enough, yet bet plenty. I possess a $100 t-shirt from Harrah's. I watched Maigrey carry a couple of us to an empty craps table and haul away a lion share of cash while watching "Mr. Important" 7-Star high roller slink off with empty pockets because he was too wrapped up in his self-importance to have fun (not to mention hitting his number for ungodly sums that would have doubled my yearly salary).

There may come wrap-up post, there may not. For now I'll enjoy images in my head of Steel Panther's lead singer grabbing his crouch with the tall well-built blonde directly behind him trying desperately to keep her Fredrick's of Hollywood g-string hidden from the masses despite wearing low cut jeans and skin tight baby-t.

4 more inches of snow and below zero temps await me at the Lindbergh terminal tonight, until then its hot chocolate time while doing a little people watching for a few more photos before getting home to Minnesota.

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