Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WPBT: The Obvious

From the desk of Ric Romero (of Fark fame) and Captain Obvious:

Sexually active girls run greater risk of catching STDs. As opposed to, you know, those who don't have sex of course. But where's the fun in that?

Also painfully obvious is the integration of bloggers from this weekend's WPBT festivities has been less than optimal since they did not install Let It Ride and Pai Gow tables into our respective cafeterias and break rooms while dancing in Vegas. No dealertainers welcomed the masses back to cubicial enclosed employement, no bundled up people of Mexician decent laced the walkway to your building handing out business cards with shapely women who couldn't even find enough clothing to wear this winter and for $79 and a call to 1-800-Sex-4-You these ladies would gladly accept any form of donation.

The bankroll is back in the bank minus the amount I paid to Expedia yesterday for a 10th anniversary gift to my wife (coming in August to a bar near you). A trip to Vegas with me and another couple at the end of March. So much for staying away until we can watch Betty and Al show the denizens of Imperial Palace how to Two-Step (watch below), and the proper way to celebrate a gathering of friends.

Here's Pauly's 2009 WPBT video, plus a link to some of the pictorial highlights of the latest memories of these grand gatherings:

Until we meet again Geisha Bar, next time more Cowboys and Hookers please.

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