Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cocaine in a link

If you aspire to have your blog become the next boing boing or Gawker outlet, then you have the right to demand more for your time and energy within the words you print.

If you are a writer who's income and well-being depends on the dollars given out by advertisers, SEO experts, and marketing folks.  You should want more for your time and creative expertise of crafting the written word in a way that people will pay for it.

If you are a blogger who step onto his/her webpage occasionally as a relief from the career grind to drop some knowledge about your job, life, and possible parenting adventures why bitch about someone offering a few bucks to make a simple cut and paste highlight to your page?

There were people who do this blogging/writting (and still do) thing for free and should good fortune present itself with a few ducats so be it.  This isn't some cliched Columbian national walking up to you in Miami International Airport with a rectangular hand-wrapped package giving you a $1,000 if you would kindly bring said package to the short hairy guy in the awful unbuttoned hawaiian shirt with Mr. T sized platnium bling siting outside by Gate 23a whispering "She Bangs" in his ear.

If you treat your personal blog like a business, fine. I accept ads, I reject ads based upon personal decisions, if its your decision to not accept it, so be it but why try to ruin the party for everyone else?  Its like running into the middle of a hopping party to announce vampires, zombies, and people who didn't use Axe body spray are currently ready to infest the scene thus ruining your chances to score with the drunk on Mike's Hard Lemonade chick that seemed to overlook the fact that you're not in the champange room at Cheetah's with your hands down her silk cami.  Don't be that guy.

Blogging shouldn't be a marketplace to those who hop away from a ledger sheet to rehash their horrible poker session last night.  If my acceptance to lowered dollar amounts on ads ruins your ability to do such business and this is your only source of income, I apologize and please mention so in the comments area as I will draw a harder line on the dollar amount I'll accept in the future so your kids can eat. But, there's only a select few poker bloggers who's websites are considered a business and derive the majority of their income from those sites, everyone else should just be happy there's free cash out there and a chance to be a degenerate on someone else's dime without having to deliver a brick of Ya Yo.


KenP said...

Sorry but I think my blog said it better and shorter when it referred to that old joke with the punchline:

We've established your occupation and now we're just arguing over price.

Mondogarage said...

I'm pretty much inclined to agree with you, but then, I've never even known what to ask for, and have a strict turndown policy of ads from gaming companies that aren't open to U.S. players.

But to each their own, y'know? Just a squirrel trying to get a nut to bust my butt to get on the dancefloor, yo.

Nick said...

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BamBam said...

I'm quite surprised at the attention that the "offer" is getting.

I remember the simpler times when everyone got such a deal and then, simply decided to accept or decline as they saw fit. Ah yes, the good old days. Seems like only yesterday.

As I've said elswhere and many times before, I thank Stars for much of what they've done for our little group of drunken degenerates. I'll never forget that added cash to our last longer and honestly, I hope they appreciate the milage that they got out of that sweet, sweet deal. So this deal wasn't quite up to snuff for me personally, big deal. It's easy to say thanks but no thanks and then delete an e-mail right?

Silly blogger types, so much drama.


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