Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fun With Forms in Triplicate

Brief personal going on then some pimping.

Yesterday I met with the guidance counselor over at Rasmussen College (yes, I know it's not a "big" school or even one with a lacrosse team, but considering my situation where the degree and knowledge, not to mention convenience factor, is more important than name brand it fits).  The accounting degree that is a scant three years away depending on whether some classes taken back when Clinton was in office will transfer.  Sitting in that office with the again attractive staff (it's a ploy isn't it?) I waffled hard as the dollar signs came out and the forced amount of credits needed to stay "active" so finanical aid would kick in if needed.

I thought with the smaller college she would be most equipped to handle a case like mine.  Sure, there was a script written out about all the wonderful resources and the like, but she kept giving me a sideways head turn like "what are you indecisive about, this is easy!".  Um, no.  My vision was "easy", signing papers for essentially a second mortgage minus the burly loan processor and partying like it's 1999 divorcee who conveniently forgot to tell us about the mold in the bathroom, fire hazard for a stove, and a driveway that resembled an active Mount Saint Helen crater hidden under the winter snow and ice and unable to inspect it.  My fairy tale of taking up books for knowledge was signing my name a few times and getting a student ID usable for $5 Timberwolves tickets and 1/2 lap dances at Rick's Cabaret on Tuesday night with a drink purchase.  Instead there was a minor flood of paperwork and sticker shock as to the cost of this endeavor.

It's all worth it.  Now that the path is clearer, less stressful as well.  Now to clean the Popov vodka and 10-pack of Taco Bell's excuses for tacos off my Arizona State transcript the amount of classes until that tassle goes up in my car will be solidified.

On to the pimping!

First up:  Lost Vegas is coming Lost Vegas is coming!  Hit up Pauly and Change 100's podcasts on the book many of us have been waiting for since the good doctor began the stories in the Redneck Riviera.

Episode 1 - Final Draft... The re-write is over and Change100 explains how she knew how/when Lost Vegas was finally done. She even tosses a Wonder Boys reference into the mix, while I remain moody and evasive.

Episode 2 - Lost Translation... Change100 and I discuss the French version of Lost Vegas, which is currently being translated by Benjo. Chapter 1 in French is complete and we figure out how my favorite (yet grossly overused term) "douchebag" gets properly translated.

Next up is the Gambling Tales Podcast which takes me to North Carolina each time I've been at the gym trying to catch up with Falstaff and Special K's musings on the world of gambling with a poker slant of course. Lee Jones, Dr. Pauly, and Tom Sexton are just a few of the great interview these two give with the feeling of sitting around a home game's table. Bonus is being able to listen to Short Stack Shamus whom puts up with my amateur hour during the live blogging at PokerStarsBlog

Of course Short Stack has his own podcast (which I regretfully haven't gotten to yet because I'm a techno-donk and just figured out that iTunes will automatically upload recent shows).

The MSPT is THIS week (not last week as I misunderstood up Mackey's note about staying up at Mille Lacs for nine days straight) I should I be vertical after going on another Surly Brewery tour on Friday, there will be a side trip up north to watch him and most likely Mileski compete in the $1,000 bracelet event for a bit. Well, at least until the Pai Gow tables call my name. Watch the Minnesota Poker Magazine's website for updates and photos.

And.... last but not least, this weekend is the huge $4 million guarantee Sunday Million at PokerStars as part of its 40 billionth hand promo (curse you RNG hit one of my tables!) Yours truly will be covering the action that will most likely have me up until work the next day. Your normal lovely scribe of the Sunday Million, Jen Newell will be joining up with Shamus and Otis for the kick-off NAPT pants party ON A BOAT with T-Pain as the NAPT Venetian starts this weekend.

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