Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sick Food, Sicker Beats

Yesterday I got the stark reminder that physics laws also apply at the poker tables.  In short order after a night of the real flop sweats thanks to a contaminated discount Banquet frozen chicken strip meal, there went table profits from the past two weeks.  Filtered thru the spinning tables of Full Tilt's Rush Poker and making some poor tilty decisions while mulit-tabling NLO8 games on PokerStars gone was the bloat my bankroll took and promptly placed back at square one before the feast of chips.

What once went up, came down with a thud but there would be a better feeling about it if ALL of the decisions were good ones instead of focusing on two "beats" and left shaking a tiny fist at the poker gods for those light percentages coming in.  Holes pepper my game in this regard as this is just as important as reading players and boards to make a correct decision.  Instead of losing four buy-ins yesterday, I could have been down just two due to making right moves and not turning into a turtling calling station.

Instead we move on, we learn, we look forward to things seeing the college counselor and financial aid folks tomorrow who will hopefully have some good news to obtaining some Obama bucks in pursuit of academic enrichment.  While not counting on such things, it would help not to have to pay for this degree as long as the first one which took 14 years to pay off.  Then again, a bachelor's degree should stretch a tad longer than my associates one as I soon found out after bouncing off the corporate glass ceiling enough times to leave an imprint of my 6'4" frame on the clear pane.

After watching yet another workgroup go down to "cuts", it was time to secure or at least increase my chances of hitting the ground running should one of these impromptu meetings center around my current department.  Having extra skills in the workplace besides the ability to cover poker tournaments and count poker hand outs faster than most people will prove to be essential in the future.  Far from saying I'm giving up on poker reporting as to tell you the truth (and I have many times) if the income ever warranted it and steady enough work, I would be in heaven rehashing some 22 year old math savant's rise to the latest cover of Bluff magazine after winning a WPT title just two months after taking down the Sunday Million.

But, even if the call came down the pipeline, school is the itch that needed to be rubbed the right way and I could use some knowledge beyond the latest Entertainment Tonight or Yahoo's 10 most searched topics which today are:

1. Benicio Del Toro (always liked him in Miami Vice)
2. Airport Delays (if this happens in three weeks expect another news story from MSP about an irate passenger being restrained)
3. Taliban (who doesn't enjoy reading about terrorist!)   
4. Kobe Bryant (no, he kept it in his shorts this time)
5. Ghostbusters III (Hell and YES!  Time to break out the Ray Parker Jr.?  I think so!)

6. American Idol (Ellen gets a ticket, but who wears the dress when she brings a date to hollywood?)
7. Chicago Auto Show (um, shouldn't Tara Reid in Playboy, Lohan, Brittany, or Paris be somewhere on this list?)
8. Charles Wilson (unfortunately I do not follow politics but my condolences)
9. Olympic Skeleton (personally I would have gone for the Lindsay Vonn in the swimsuit edition, but fast sleds make for just as good pleasure.  Just a different kind that doesn't involve peppermint lotion)
10. Crib Recall

No Reggie Bush getting treated to a naked Karadashian sandwich on the balcony of Bourbon street?  Lame.

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