Monday, February 08, 2010

The Key to Enjoying the Super Bowl: Indifference

At first while watching the pre-game shows to the Super Bowl I was:

Then the commericials were somewhat-kinda-sorta funny, and the craft beers my buddy brought over made the game and the goal line stance by the Colts before halftime made me:

Enjoyable again. Decent mini concert by The Who, onside kick, untimely Manning fail, and more beer giving way to some bad attempts at television ad humor and allowing Shannon Sharpe to continue to butcher the English language worse than a lispy blogger and get paid six to seven figures for it. Oh wait, that's me but more like two figures here. And a few more chippy hits by the Saintly Saints reminding how close it was that the men in Purple could have been there, and... we're back to:

Bourbon Street probably was more hopping than Hennipin Avenue last night even if the people in this state had a rooting interest in the game.  Instead of a grandeur spread of Vikings fans coming out of the woodwork with a backyard bonfire and frat party alcohol spread we settled on indifference and enjoying the inside jokes that a group of friends have after being around each other 15+ years.  The cookies were good too, and no you can't have any because my cookie monster son wrapped in G.I. Joe jammies ate them all.  Jerk.

The weekend was a college search, a car repair search (damn you transmission JUST WORK), and some slightly profitable poker play at Full Tilt and PokerStars as with the winter months my play increases since the weather outside is more optimial for a Eskimo versus an office worker who is two shades of white from becoming translucent.  Rush Poker continues to draw me in as I've up to two tables:  one NLHE and one PLO 6-max in the search for a TomTom from the Full Tilt points store which was badly needed after trying to navigate Dinkytown on Saturday morning en route to my son's TC Marathon fun run at the U of M Fieldhouse.  There were tears and luckly a very bored criminal justice law student who took time away from tort research to draw a map for a hurried parent with two crabby kids and a wife ready to lose it in the car.

Might need to ramp up my play a bit.

And if you're one of two Minnesota poker folks reading these pages this morning, the page has been redone AND there's a week long Minnesota Poker Tour series going on right now at Grand Casino Hinckley Mille Lacs with the $1K bracelet event this weekend.  If the weather calms down and the mini van's transmission cost does not exceed salvage worth, I'll be making a small trip up north on Saturday to check out the place where I made my first LEGAL casino wager over 17 years ago.

I think I just heard my knee pop again.  Old age sucks.

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