Monday, March 22, 2010

10 Years Already?

Phillies and Yankess currently filling up the screen as the little one decided to allow her father to type on the internet for a few minutes before a wave of bathroom/snack/movie requests come wafting down the hallway.  Relaxation before the storm of SCOOP and covering four online poker tournaments at the PokerStarsBlog in one day next month. 

A week at work doing a lot of clock gazing since me and the wife will be in Vegas celebrating our 10 years of martial bliss or celebrating the fact that neither one of us has turned a Bowie hunting knife on each other yet.  Amazement falls short of describing the fortitude of my wife to put up with my childish ways and not only accept who I am, but allow me the space to find out as well.  My gigs writing about poker helped break my shell of playing it safe and accepting the data-entry level position at work as my career.  It opened my eyes that I could do more and maybe even be successful at it.  Thus, school begins in three weeks to obtain the knowledge for those positions, shredding the cobwebs from that position better suited for someone looking to retire versus in the toddler years of raising two kids.

This weekend me and family also tried something new which I brought back after enjoying it immensely in G-Vegas.  No, it wasn't the Le Trappe quad that went down like a beer that demanded respect while drinking it.  It was the Saturday morning jaunt to a local disc golf park that piqued my interest as I found myself looking up local course yesterday morning and found a short eight hole course just three miles from my house.  It was nothing fancy, heavily wooded, confusing to find the next hole, but me and the kids loved it.  When the weather improves in the near future as Minnesota's six months of snow burial has turned into sludge and winds no longer threaten to remove uncovered fingers, I hope to hit up the massive Elm Creek disc golf course that boasts "18 championship styled holes".  At $3 a round its a deep discount from hitting a little white ball in various directions for $50-$100 a round.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to start the clock watching since exactly seven days from now, I will be knee-deep in Cap'n Cokes while taunting Pai Gow dealers into spreading Jack-hi Pai Gows for the sake of my wife who hates to lose.

For the sake of people on Facebook I got this on my front page for a daily WTF?  Photoshopped boobs FTW!!


Heavy Critters said...

Congrats, man. The wife and I celebrated #10 on 3/4/10. Crazy how time flies by.

DrChako said...

Longest prison sentence in the world? "I DO."

I keed!

Congrats on 10. We hit 15 in two months. Don't you get a freeby every 5 years? I think I heard that somewhere.


Unknown said...

Thanks guys :)

I look forward to getting rolled by a hooker next week!