Friday, March 26, 2010

Student orientation.

No idea why someone at my age is going thru this passage as  a) I'm taking all courses online  b) the people I will be conversing with will be attending a school in Ocela, Florida which is not exactly on the pothole torn Highway 169 going north towards home and  c) I'm 35 years old and will be there with 95% high school seniors taking their first step towards maturing into raging alcoholics. 

Nonetheless this kid will be taking a long lunch break to be greeted with some store-bought chocolate chip cookies, coffee that I'll pass on, and small talk about the journey of college education.  Been there, did part of that but thanks for the reminder that I'm 35 years old!  Yes, a spring chicken to most who read these pages but creep old dude to those who were born when I graduated from the high school that is no more than five miles away from the campus. 

Once in a while I'll ponder if staying at Arizona State to tough it out and rack up a six figure tuition bill would have been for the better.  Then, I'll wake up to the fact of how miserable and out-of-place I was there mentally as academically things were fine.  Had I gone there after meeting my future wife things would have been different, and a shiny well-respected Pac-10 conference party school Accounting degree would be hanging in the basement.  But, my choices to come home and mature as a person turned out to be game changing as this step in life begins with clocking out for a few hours to learn about office hours and tutors available to the student body of which I will become a member of when Accounting I starts up on Monday and with luck will end with Tax Theory III sometime in 2014.

Scared?  Yes.
Ready?  Absolutely.

Just so I don't alienate all of my poker rabid friends, I do have a post stirring at the moment for just time and the upcoming trip to Vegas haven't given me much to work with.  Thoughts on the G-Vegas game and why-are-you-all-folding-preflop-to-my-aces-for-the-15th millonth-time-in-Rush-Poker will be in print this weekend unless the wife has plans for us before hitting McCarran airport in the early evening on Monday.


5 oh Two Challenge said...

Good Luck!!!

uk bingo said...

raging alcoholics lol. at least you've been there. oooh, those were the days *reminiscing*