Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Palmetto Dreamin'

In exactly 24 hours I will be boarding Flight 2340 eastward bound to the fabulous Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (actually my friends who's a frequent flyer says this airport is one of the best in the country).  From there, board a second plane owned by Air Canada where a discussion of Sidney Crosby's goal and is that cougar of a Curling skip available this weekend for late night drinks and walks inside downtown Greenville, SC.

Yes, Drizz I'll get you that Captain and Coke with a side of leg
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 As Freddy Mercury sang:  "I want it all, and I want it now".

Color me blown away from the future festivities commencing in just one short day.  While the documentation of such degeneracy is locked away for the moment being protected/audited by PriceWaterhouse Cooper watch your Twitter screens for updates on my attempts to relive the infamous wheelchair ride without the actual wheelchair.  My twitter will be dark for the balance of the weekend due to not owning a smartphone but there may be a blog post or two should the Waffles House provide enough grease to soak up whatever I ingest amongst the bars of Greenville.

Most likely it will be a rickshaw I'm carted back to my room in because that's how G-Vegas rolls.

And since this is/was/will always be a personal blog about poker, there's a better than average chance of a poker-y recap here for ya'll liking that sort of thing.  But, again those details will slowly seep out as the weekend rages on, like the soberity in my lanky Nordic form. 

Quick note:  I did pass the college placement test and will not be required to sit in an mouth-drooling sub-credit course.  My guessing abilities during the grammar section were in Luckbox form and with my credits transferring over as I type this from Arizona State, there will be no Freshman Comp class to retake. 

As mentioned, I will be seeking a journalism/media/writing course as I'd like some education behind the poker tournament reporting that is currently done at PokerStarsBlog and at some time in the future be considered as an underwriter/chip gatherer/just-happy-to-be-there live reporter (as a second job since being a cube monkey does have its perks).  My eye is firmly on the next Minnesota State Poker Tour for that, as a small tournament with a tight group of rounder is perfect for me to get a feel for my friend's world-class reporting they do at sites like PokerNews and UB.  Although the media dust up that F-Train recently had to go through while reporting at the recently finished (and very successful) NAPT Venetian was a bit concerning.  Everyone has an opinion on the written word of other's, and frankly those opinions (good or bad) make for better writing because it challenges the author to at least think about what they penned.  But when you read things out-of-context and throw unsubstantiated slander against a wall hoping to get it to stick and grab a quick chuckle from your posse at the expense of a hard working individual, kindly find a cliff and fall over the side (kudos to Bryan and Court for their apologies though).

With any luck your toxic ability to berate someone would cease after hitting every sharp rock on the way down.  Use more decorum when speaking on a radio/podcast show, save those words for a dark corner out of the earshot of the causal observer or just go back to your forums and spew to a crowd that will continue to cheer you on because of your ability to calcuate pot odds and flip over piece of plastic and clay.


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pokerpeaker said...

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OK, seriously, I'm not sure a journalism writing course would help you. You're already a better writer than many of the kids in those classes (if not all, from what I remember), and you've got your own style that quite frankly I don't want them to fuck with. I really think you're fine the way you are. And I really do mean that.

Drizztdj said...

Thanks Peaker :) Good luck on your next run, that last one you described sounded a bit um, cold? :)