Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top O' Elders To Ya

Not letting this guy on the Ellen show deal at the next home game.  Great sleigh of hand usage along with a story that uses the whole deck plus the "what the hell?" card which really should be included in those times you get two outed.

This morning my thoughts were first towards a weird dream that included having sex with Carmen Electria in a canoe while at hockey camp with Devo in full WHIP IT! mode on the shoreline as my hearing aids melted. 

I need different dreams.

Sign of age?  After the former playmate took the oar back to the boathouse, all my thoughts were on taking my daughter to her preschool class tonight and hitting up the gym so that purple Absolute shirt would fit better in Vegas for the WPBT Winter Gathering. 

While eating breakfast in full work attire my wife asked why I lacked anything green today.  My 1/4 Irish heritage yelled at me to immediately slam a car bomb and a Smitty before going to work as penance.  No "amateur hour" for me tonight, no sitting up top The Local with my brother ogling at the women in skin-tight "Fuck me I'm Irish tonight" t-shirts as they down Big Gingers and aptly colored macro beers until the walls become fuzzy.  Normally, there would be a plan to hit up downtown and toss back a few pints while regretting it the entire next day but tonight the parental cap is firmly on, at least until after the kids are tucked in after reading Hop on Pop, then while in comforts of my own home one Big Ginger will be consumed right before sleeping at an hour usually reserved for my kids.

Old age or getting smarter? 

Happy St. Patty's Day to all.  Enjoy your Bangers and Mash tonight :)

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