Friday, March 19, 2010

Breaking News: NCAA Tournament Possibly Rigged

*BREAKING NEWS (AP):  NCAA Questions So-Called Bracket-olgist

G-Vegas, South Carolina

By Nomar Garza March 19th, 2010

After yesterday's startling start to the Men's NCAA Basketball tournament, representatives from the National Collegiate Athletic Association paid a visit to a local elementary school to question this man below:

"Lil' Otis"
Photo Cred:  Rapid Eye Reality

After the notorious "bracket-ologist" managed to correctly predict the upsets of Murray St., St. Mary's, and ODU yesterday eyebrows were raised at the corporate headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana as they dispatched agents to question his possible involvement with tampering the games.

Patty Spitzmuller, lead agent of the basketball fraud division had this to say "The percentage of people who correctly picked these game is ASTRONOMICAL, I mean COME ON just like last night while playing Rush Poker at Full Tilt I had pocket aces and some complete douchebag had eight-seven off called me do..." (editor note: we demanded a dollar from Patty after broadsiding us with a lame bad beat story)

The boy's father "Papa Otis" is widely known for his underground lime tossing operation but the city is unable to press charges due to alledged political connections with "The Mayor" had this to say: "The boy has talent, and someday he'll be able to make hit the $50 lime shot blindfolded".

Those involved with money pool with Lil' Otis have demanded their money back while hurling childish insults at his beloved Missouri Mizzou as Lil' Otis could not be reached for comment due to nap time. The scope of the investation is near completion as we await the NCAA's decision and will report here at Nickleanddimes if the participants will be able to re-do their shattered brackets.

*this story is completely false and I wish Lil' Otis the best of luck in taking us down

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