Thursday, December 30, 2004

Resolutions for the new year

Everyone is doing them so I might as well join the fray (since there's no poker content because someone stayed up too late the night before).

Ok my resolutions for the new year...

1) Spend more time with little Drizz and my wife.

Since getting out of the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game for non-geek out there) world I have become somewhat helpful around the house (no I still can't cook) and spent considerably more time with my family but I'd like to do things outside of our home more often. Go to the park, go skating, go to a movie (LOTR was the last one I've seen in a theater), anything just get out of the house and have fun.

2) Go back to school

This one is a little tougher since we're most likely going to be moving in next few months and we'll be financially strapped (barring my impending WPT win of course) after moving into the new place. I would like to complete a bachelors degree since I already have an A.S.
It may not make a difference at work, but I'd like to have it for a sense of finality and accomplishment.

3) Learn more about poker

Reading books, playing against drunken bloggers, and being more observant. Instead of blindly playing ABC poker and chasing bonuses (which I'm still going to do since its generally easy money and cushions variance), I'm going to strive for playing a more aggressive game based on betting patterns vs. just my cards. Looking at all my outs, position, who's raising with 72o (oh wait that's me nevermind). I've got SSH, Lou Kreiger's Omaha book, and I'll probably snap up Super System 2 from Doyle's Room if they still have that promotion.

4) Playing poker when I am ready to

Firing up the computer and a couple of tables of is easy to do. But like last night I would have been half-asleep and dreaming of Lindsay Lohan bouncing up to me while lounging at the Mandalay Bay beach pool asking me if I'd join her for a heads-up game of strip poker. Poker isn't a RPG game, if you play it tired (NOTE: drinking is a different story since I too have moderate success playing drunk) you will make tired decisions like calling passively with second pair, surf for nude Lindsay Lohan pics, or play above your bankroll because "you want to make the money back quicker". I used to play Dark Age of Camelot for 4-5 hours a night, every night, never again will I lose sight of what's important... holding the nuts with a PartyPoker fish just begging to give you money :D

5) Meet the bloggers IRL

The trip reports from Vegas only stoked the fire that I have been wanting to meet the bloggers out there. I know sometime this year I'll be able to meet up with Chris at Canterbury but I'd also like to attend the next WPBT event. Since my friends don't share the poker bug or the need to wager on the winner of a game of Dance Dance Revolution. It would be an honor and a learning experience to meet such people. Just give me a 3-4 month forwarning to get my liver and stomach in shape. I just hope my ghostly Minnesota whiteness doesn't frighten anyone.

6) Win another MTT but learn to play ring games better
I had 4 final tables at MTTs this year (well I started in July...). I won a tournament at Pacific, a 4th (out of 1500) in the Party $5 tournament, a 2nd in the Grublog Classic (which I'm more proud of then the rest of the tournament cashes), and a 6th (out of 1200+) in a Omaha PL tournament at Stars. Sadly the high places make up 1/3 of my bankroll. I need to become a better ring game player since I'm too chickenshit to play in higher buy-in tournaments then $10. I need to grow some brass balls and take a shot in the $20-$50 range now that my bankroll allows me to do so.

Again I hope to meet all of you fellow gambing degenerates (I heard the Aladdin was a possiblity?) sometime next year. Until then see ya at the blogger table :)


Felicia :) said...

Nice! Let me touch on a few things, just because I'm in a generous mood (lol).

1) Throw away Krieger's book and get Zee's book
2) Can't wait to meet you at the next blogger event, but no one is more pale than me, except a few albino's, but I'm even giving them a run for their money lately, haha.

PS: I don't actually throw away any poker book, no matter how bad it is (I figure I can learn something even if it is just that some people actually do think and play THAT badly), but a beginner is going to get hurt using Lou's book in today's game. Read a technically correct book first (Zee's), then you can weed out the good from the bad once you have some experience under your belt (Lou's).

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