Sunday, December 04, 2005

Drizz The Greek's Week 13 NFL Picks

Tourneys are heating up for me as I cashed in another 700+ person MTT yesterday. I would have two cashes but someone on a pair draw in a PLO tourney caught trips vs. my top two + nut flush + nut straight draw.

I crashed while trying to watch FSU upset VT last night (thanks to all-world bookie Daddy for that pick). I can't seem to watch any sports on TV anymore without passing out to dreams of 2am shots of SoCo, Pai Gow with Tiara'd ladies, and shooting dice with Professional Craps slingers and WPBT tourney crushers.

I received my first birthday gift today... the world's smallest poker table setup. Maybe Chad will be up for a game while on the plane if we can manage to find a midget to shuffle the mini-cards since I have the dexterity of an alcoholic who's been dry for two weeks.

Ok then, without further ado. Here's this week's edition of... How SHOULDN'T You Play It!

Two Team Parlays:

Bungles +3, Vikes -2.5 (I know they played the Colts last week but Big Ben didn't look very comfortable last week while getting pummeled)

Jags -3, Packers +7 (Bears win ugly again, but Farve keeps it close)

Vikes over 38.5, Bungles over 41.5

Bucs -4, Panthers -3 (Vick is looking much better, but I take the home team in this pick em')

Three Team Parlay:

Phins -5.5
Colts -16
Giants -3.5

(This was a "throw a dart blindfolded" type pick, you're better off picking the opposites as usual)

Thanks for dropping by and good luck! SKOL VIKINGS!!! Tomorrow, hopefully I'll impart some more bad advice for everyone :)

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