Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Welcome To Winter

OMG Blogger ate my post!!

Put down the snowball Chris, I was just kidding yeesh.

Is it April yet? Something about trying to get a cold jacket on a screaming toddler while your nose freezes up isn’t the most pleasant way to start the day. Just like poker would be utopia if it wasn’t for the bad beats, Minnesota would be the perfect place to live without winter (and maybe those pesky skeeters and sport teams that leave you with blue balls at playoff time).

Little Drizz is getting better about getting up a 4:30am to head to nana’s house but I don’t blame him for not wanting to leave his warm cocoon of blankets in place of a frozen car seat even if the drive is only a mile. Despite this he never fails to give a heart-melting “bye, daddy” and a kiss as I hand him and his three stuffed animals over to my mom for daycare. If there’s one thing that can brighten up the darkest days at the office is a warm good-bye from your kid.

After getting home from bowling last night I should have went to bed, but the itch to get in a game or two was a little too strong.

Quick congrats to Wil on his final table appearance in his own tourney!

A Stud 8 tourney was starting up on Full Tilt so I tossed my money into the ring and chipped around on some O8 ring games. The games were uneventful, except seeing a familiar face at the $100 NLO8 tables on Stars… Thee Mark (Greenville) Hmmmm that name rings a bell.

Drizztdj: Thee Mark? G-Vegas?
Thee Mark: Drizzzz come sit down so we can clean up this table

Yeah, that’s just what my bankroll needs is another crazy G-Vegas alumni finding the internet games. Despite both of us taking a couple of beats it was cool to reflect on the lush filled past weekend. If G-Vegas is reading this, someone hook him up with Yahoo IM, so I can make more deposits into his virtual wallet.

The Stud 8 tourney for me never got off the ground per a tough beat with rolled up tens, fifth street Tens full of Aces, and getting beat by a rivered Queens full of Aces. What made it a tough beat was the fact that the case queen was folded, and I held the other two aces… yep, a one-outer. It happens, so I tried unsuccessfully to recuperate the lost buy in at the PLO8 tables.

Drizz go to bed before you do something really smart like play 5/10 PL.

Yes, ma’am.

I heard people asking for a post or two about PLO8. Anyone interested in some bad advice? I’m sure my dating advice would be much less useful, especially considering my track record with the lady-types before meeting Mrs. Drizz. Mix Tommy Boy with the fashion picking ability of your run-of-the-mill mullet topped trailer trash and you get me. Big shoe sizes and long tongues only get you so far unless you can belt out “I Wanna Rock n’ Roll All Night” till your over 50 and get airtime in Miller Lite commercials.

But if you would like some PLO8 (even NL or limit) advice just hit me up while you’re playing on the Yahoo IM girly box and I’ll be happy try to help. And if my advice sucks, there’s always the 2+2 forums where people will tell you that you suck, don’t have enough hand histories, and should fold pre-flop, do you see why? People like Big Dave D, Ribbo, and Wintermute are the people you should seek out for excellent Omaha advice. They are very aggressive players but extremely successful ones, so beware of the variance curve if you heed their advice. If you want less variance I can pass along the faux nut-sitters handbook to PL/NLO8 (I do manage to find some infliction points in big bet O8 where semi-bluffs do work even in the low limits).

Thanks for dropping by, now who’s up for going back to Vegas in six months? Can’t wait that long? Me neither, but real life needs to be played out while the liver recovers.

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