Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Potty Training

Two words a parent dreads.

Well, at least this one.

Scorecard for the day:

Two pairs of pants
Three Thomas the Tank Engine underwear
One pair of socks
One Thomas the Tank Engine T-shirt (featuring Percy)
Six temper tandrums in the bathroom
Five tandrums in the porch on the way to the bathroom
Three denied bribes of candy/toys/pop for assistance in taking care of business

Yep, exciting to be a parent :)


As for some pokery stuff, I got some live play in at Grand Casino Hinckley on the way up to Ely for my buddy's cabin to spend Christmas. Since I'm a live card room virgin (in a made it to third base with a prom date sort of way) I have a question for vets of the real thing:

New table is opening and seven friends all sit down, there's only two other tables running, one is over your usual limit and looks a bit intimidating. The other has about a 40 minute wait and standing around will cause your body to seize up from anticipation.

Do you play at the new table versus seven guys that know each other? Play above your limits? Or go knock back overpriced/underfilled shots at the bar and wait for the soft seat?

I played at the new table and managed a small profit, they were a difficult mix of clueless-ABC-calling station sorts but managed to get paid off on a couple of big hands thus paying for my slots addiction fix for the night. I had fun telling a couple of tales about the recent Vegas trip and they enjoyed the extra company as one of them was celebrating his 22nd birthday trying to earn some cash for lap dances at the small strip club .

Damn young'uns.

As for the online variety... my tourney winnings from last night allowed me to erase some bad luck at the cash game tables. I think playing with Erik Seidel for an hour late in a tourney is worth MUCH more then the $246 that I took away for taking 4th. I had a shot at the T-shirt bounty at the final table, but the flop didn't cooperate unfortunately. Muy thanks to the late night railbirds who proclaimed me to be a multiple WSOP champ in the final table chat then later suckered me into a limit hold em game.

Good to be home again.

Thanks for dropping by now do yourself a favor and check out Full Tilt for its 10K a day promotion currently running. All you need to do to win a slice of the pie is earn a Full Tilt point playing ring games for a drawing slip. Personally I suck and haven't won a thing but I'm sure you'll have better luck.

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