Monday, December 19, 2005

WPBT Imperial Palace: Day 4

Much like the Vikes yesterday, I couldn’t score in the red zone.

There was a rousing NLHE game at the Imperial Palace so I bought in trying my last luck at these wacky games. With only 50BBs at a 1-2 table it seems like bingo when you have to bet 1/5th of your stack for a pre-flop raise to get any respect. Bottom pair would call you down, so bluffing was out of the question and at 5am I was still downing Cap’n Cokes because I didn’t want to snap out of my buzz. About all I remember of the game were these gignormous breasts swinging by every 15 minutes for a re-fill on my drink and shoving my meager stack in on a draw to break-even for the quick one hour game. If you like push monkey poker and can stand the swings, these low stakes NL games are a gold mine, still ripe with WPT wannabe’s and drunk guys like myself who get a case of the “aw fuck it’s” and just shove their stack in at will.

After breaking even I decided to make use of the free buffet coupon to make up for barely eat through out the weekend. Say what you want about the rest of the place but that buffet definitely served its purpose. Made to order ham and bacon omelet, biscuits and gravy, some donuts, and about a pound of bacon filled me right up. I was expecting the worst and my stomach was pleasantly surprised, if you didn’t use up those coupons you missed out on some decent grub.

I had lost track of time unfortunately and suddenly only had 45 minutes to pack up, check out, and get my ass over to Mandalay Bay for a NFL/Horse betting orgy. Checking out was fairly quick but a little confusing since Chad was staying an extra day and he didn’t *ahem* make it back the previous night. But the beautiful desk clerk was able to get the ball rolling quickly with a smile. The hotel may be on its way out with all the confusing elevators and constant construction, but the staff and comps definitely made up for it. Thank you Imperial Palace for holding our tournament and keeping the bar properly stocked.

20 minutes to kick off and I’m sitting on the monorail heading for MGM Grand, knowing I still need to dash down the strip to get to another monorail from Excal to Mandalay Bay. I may or may not have run over a few blue haired slot queens in the process. With five minutes to spare I spot Mike in line to place a few parlay bets and after exchanging greenbacks for worthless pieces of paper I collapsed into a chair. I also may or may not have been in a comatose daze while trying to keep up with all the action going on. Betting on a horse race here and there while watching my parlay bets crumble on the big screens.

Pure Bliss.

Bloggers screaming for Too Drunk to Call and Mr. Otis, me getting shouted at by a be-thonged waitress for being too engrossed in the games, and finally taking a shot at the $25 Pai Gow tables (which didn’t work out too well). I pushed hard in those final hours but the house took the money, and Drizz went home only spending money on non-gambling things. Is a push considered a win in this case? I managed to gamble for four days straight yet the only money I spent was on the hotel, food, cab rides, and god knows how many tips. Like the Aladdin tournament, I left Vegas in awe of this little community of bloggers and how open and welcoming they are. Going to Vegas with my wife is certain kind of fun but she doesn’t really drink nor gamble much, the WPBT crew brings the real Vegas out for me at least. Yeah, I did not partake in an adult entertainment, as I missed out on hitting up the strip clubs once again but I got to do everything else I wanted on the trip.

Thanks again everyone, and can’t wait till next time.


I won’t rant about the Vikes game yesterday since they beat themselves. Sure the media will say the Steelers were the better team. But the way the Vikes marched into the red zone at will yesterday showed they were much like a bad porn actor, driving the down the field too fast with an inability to finish in the end. Since their playoff hopes are slim to none now; I hope they’ll finish out the season at 10-6, and give the state a reason to back them for their new stadium bid. Even if they finish 8-8 it was a great ride while it lasted. As a fan, I hope the newly acquired defensive veterans don’t bolt over the off-season to warmer pastures. I think this group has a chance to make a dent in next year’s playoffs with the return of Birk, Culpepper, with the pick up of a decent offensive lineman or two.

Thanks for dropping by, now if you haven’t checked out the entire list of trip reports please click the links on the right to get a properly versed version of this past weekend’s debauchery.

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