Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Short Reflections

For some reason, working today in the relatively quiet workplace seems like a blessing compared to another day of listening to a certain toddler scream his objections to sitting on the Blues Clues mini-toilet. And the joy that I’ll get to change diapers again for another two years in five months! Can a person be sarcastically happy about being a parent? On one hand you have the dirty diapers, tantrums, thrown food, and money being spent like Paris Hilton on a shopping spree. The other hand you get the hugs, “play with me daddy”, and the giggles when you do something remotely funny but seems like a full out comedy act for the little one. Is it a zero-sum game being a parent?

Not even close.

For this guy at least its not. Parenting for me has been a sort of CPR on my life. Nearly three years ago I was crippled by a work accident, seizures, severe speech impediment, and a gaggle of neurological disorders. Pile that on top of self-pity and depression and you have one fucked up individual. But along came Wyatt, and a reason to fix myself up each morning and face the world for him and be a better husband for my wife. I lost a good three years of my life wrapped up in that black hole of work-play online games-sleep and shutting most everyone out emotionally. Looking back, I can’t figure out why my wife stuck it out with me. Even today it still befuddles me how strong she was/is to keep our marriage intact long enough to produce such miracle that is probably at this moment going through his third pair of Bob the Builder underwear.

Holidays are about reflection, and that’s what I’m doing in shorten sentences because my writing skills match those of someone who scored in the single digits on his ACT English exam. But we won’t mention any names, because I’d hate to embarrass myself.

I’m also thankful for this community of poker bloggers for giving me an *ahem* profitable PLAY CHIPS hobby and a circle of friends that understands the fun to have a little gamble, a lot of sarcasm, and maybe a little alcohol in them. If parenting has been the reason I get up in the morning and enjoy the day, poker is the reason the day is rarely dull. Being a suburban dad with a regular 9-5 type cube monkey job doesn’t scream excitement. Add in a little gambling, a little Captain Morgan, and a little NC-17 chat with fellow degenerates and you’ve got accessible adult entertainment in the comforts of your own home without having to order the playboy channel for the night. It’s sort of a virtual Vegas without the porn slappers, celebrity roshambo matches, and DD-breasted waitresses bringing drinks every 15 minutes.

Thanks for dropping by, now go check out the possibly new and improved pokerdb for Stars tournaments. I’d probably cry after seeing my actual tournament money stats.

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