Thursday, December 08, 2005

Stupid People Amuse Me

Me and the wife were done with our respective shifts at work and she needed to drop off a doctor’s note at the school district’s main office explaining her recent increase in cup size.

Here’s the conversation between her and the HR lady that looked like the evil queen from Sleeping Beauty but seemed nice in a former Elementary school principle sort of way:

HR Evil Queen: “Hello, how may I help you today?”

Wife: “I have a note from my doctor explaining that I am pregnant and will be missing work in late April-early May”

HR Evil Queen: “Well, congratulations! (starts to read note)”

Wife: “Thank you”

(time is paused for a minute while she scans the notes with the precision of an auditor scanning a ledger)

HR Evil Queen: (suddenly has a frown on her face) “Is this for a Workman’s Compensation claim”

Drizztdj: (head explodes)

Wife: (not missing a beat) “No, my husband got me pregnant at home”

Drizztdj: (must… not… laugh…)

HR Evil Queen: “Congratulations again, and I’ll make sure to update your file!”

Couple exits and resists laughing until the car starts up.


Poker playing was a shorten evening for myself as I played in a PLO8 tourney on FT with no success as someone spiked a 2-outer on me, but I was shortstacked and it was correct for him to call my all-in. Such is life.

Most of the night was spent railbirding Otis on yet another excellent tournament run at Party. His modesty exceeds his poker skill as he slashed through 700+ in the Super Wednesday tournament. I had to pack up a few more things and try to sleep when there were 61 left in the tournament. Hopefully he’ll have a final table story awaiting us in Vegas.

You are going, right?

Thanks for dropping by, now check out the UFP crew’s listing of some great pointers for you Vegas virgins (and some vets) out there. I’m breaking the rule of checking luggage but it was necessary this time. SIXTEEN HOURS TO VEGAS BABY WHOO WHOO!!!

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