Thursday, December 22, 2005

Jingle Bell Rock

This self-proclaimed rock is heading up north for a mini-vacation/Christmas with my family plus my sister-in-law and her husband for the next five days. I may/may not update this here internet space while up there since the time will be wisely spent ice fishing, getting dragged on a sled behind a snowmobile, and a couple of casino trips. Fortune Bay casino has really exploded into a resort/casino from a bingo tent with a row of slots and five blackjack tables. I remember playing blackjack with the local state senator back then as his wife hit two slot jackpots in a matter of five minutes apart and he hardly looked up as he was up $2K on a $25 table.

Rigged like online poker (from Iggy)? Maybe not that bad.

The bankroll has been turning in a positive manner over the week and I’m still on track to reach my bankroll requirement to take a shot at the WSOP this coming summer (I'm a planner, sue me). Granted I was hoping for a nice fat MTT win/cash this year, but that hasn’t materialized since my tournament play sucks worst then taking a big gulp of orange juice in the morning only to realize its chocolate milk.

I have been making it deeper into the field which is encouraging, thanks to the advice of a couple of known tournament crushers. But my grazing grounds are the cash games where a simple re-load gives me the opportunity to get back in the game from a tough beat or bad play by myself. I will have a friend of mine play a tourney or two on my PokerStars account up at the cabin just to observe the cards from a different perspective. Instead of sitting behind him and saying “OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING THAT’S NOT THE CORRECT PLAY!!?!?!” hear him out and learn from the consequences. Much like learning to cook or having sex, you learn more from the mistakes then you do from doing everything correctly.

Ok, I’m going to pack up my Super System 2 that just came in the mail yesterday from Interpoker (thank you Ryan Hartley!), reading material for the five hour drive up to Ely, MN. I hear the people who wrote it might know a thing or two about this game. Have a happy holidays, or is that politically incorrect? Have a holly, jolly weekend? So sad that you can’t say “Merry Christmas” without getting a ruler across the knuckles for not recognizing the 15 other holidays of which I have no understand of. I live in the US, I’m Catholic, so Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Thanks for dropping by, I’ll be out of town until Wednesday but there’s an internet connection up north that I may utilize if I’m not busy catching walleye, skating with Little Drizz, or playing "carnvial poker games" with my buddy (I have a retort to this article when I get back).

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