Thursday, April 12, 2007

Two Cards? I Push.

Actions speak louder then words, right?

Some people just suffer from lead foot disease when spouting off (see Don Imus).

Now consider this guy from Northern Minnesota:

"(I)f the people in my district had voted for slavery, and if the vast majority had, and I was representing them, the answer is yes, I would have voted for it," Commissioner Keith Nelson said at a meeting of the St. Louis County Board.

Nelson's comment came during a board debate in February over a proposed county smoking ban.

Nelson said he opposed the ban because most of his constituents wanted him to -- and he always followed the will of his constituents.That prompted a question from fellow Commissioner Bill Kron. "I said there are some issues of conscience where the majority may not be right, for example would you have voted for slavery if the majority of your constituents would have?" Kron recalled Wednesday.

When Nelson said yes, "Everyone's jaws sort of dropped," Kron said.

Misplaced bigotry? Misplaced sense of responsiblity? Or misplaced his fifth of Johnny Walker?

Now... think of Imus who has a past, unlike the above example, has a history of spouting off at the mouth about various subjects in a non-PC way that was until last week, tolerated and even rewarded. Was it really neccessary to jump on the guy's freakish nose hairs for comment that may have been a little inflamatory due to the color of HIS skin? Anyone want to bet money on a black comedian doing stand-up in the next month will use the term "nappy headed 'ho" within their set while mocking Imus?

No takers for the "no" side? Will Al and Jesse be there to admonish the jokester?

As for my pledged poker-y content, due to Speaker's ability to win races with crap cards like AKs, I spent the entire Mooooooookie last night acting like a push monkey until Wyatt decided to wake up around 11pm and I pushed any two before assisting him with bathroom duties to see I was bounced in 15th place after him a quick hug and kiss goodnight.

Actually, I had fun again behind my nurse avatar with the Dallas Stars rooting Fat Guy (nice comeback by Modano and crew, wish I'd stayed up for the final buzzer), and other familar faces that are proding me to join the troops in Vegas within a few months. But, other obligations and no time to loosen the wallets of the online Omatards leaves my funds rather limp for such a flight.

If I should win a bracelet race, this would change my plans. As nothing short of being called a snowball on a stick by a radio shock jock would stop my appearance at the Rio. Never mind those gentlemen with three letter in bright yellow on their backs either.

Thanks for dropping by, now you may fear your standings on the BloggerChallenge scoreboard now that I have arrived.

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