Monday, April 30, 2007

All Ben Gay'd Up

Yo, Adrian!

Welcome to the purple. We have a welcoming boat out on Lake Minnetonka all fired up for you. Smoot left it as a going away present, just watch the floor for "unknown substances" as twisting an ankle on astroglide or a glitter-ladened g-string isn't the best way to impress the coach.

I'm copping out today because I'm burnt, semi hung-over from downing a year's supply of Coors Light (not my choice) and UV rays at the ballpark over the weekend. Due to my ability of barely hitting the sphere past the pitching rubber and my teammates ability to crush the twelve inch glow ball away from various no-neck outfielders, we managed to snag a bid from winning the tourney to play adult t-ball in Panama City, Florida (which I've found out is NOT close to two of my favorite bloggers in Orlando).

Remember to sign up tonight for Hoy's tournament at Full Tilt as the BloggerChallenge rolls on. This week also starts the softball season for me, so my virtual double Ds will be on display less often as this old man tried rolling home and ended up with a sore back and jammed pinky finger.

Yes, I'm a wuss.

Thanks for dropping by, now congrats go out to brdweb for taking down the first WSOP blogger bracelet race this year last night!! It was nice to see the mysterious Bracelet getting down to two tables as I was rooting him on despite his luckbox team defeating the Twinkies and avoiding an embarassing home series sweep yesterday. Inge? Yes, indeege.

Did everyone else enjoy their team's NFL draft? Moss to the Pats? Oh my.

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