Thursday, April 19, 2007

Asshats Need Not To Breathe

With four bloggers on the bubble of the $75 token frenzy last night, it looked as if another four entries would be made for the next "Big Game" as put on by BloggerChallenge leader and all-around nice guy MiamiDon.

Smokkee had his token wrapped up, WilWonka just survived a forced all-in to a chop, I was sitting low but the blinds just passed and I had enough to get my token. And StB was the unfortunate receiptant of the assholery play that happened on all three of the final tables. Basically whomever was the chip leader at each table pushed all-in every. single. hand.

Being acute satellite players of course we were folding to the token, but seriously, what the fuck. What happens if a equally stupid, similarly stacked idiot decides to look him up? Is it worth creaming your pants over "winning" a satellite versus obtaining the token without question? I think karma dictates those chip leaders to take 989:1 beat when they use those tokens while being told their subscriptions to "Reverse Beastality Monthly" were accidently re-routed to their bosses at McDonald's.

Then again, fundamentally bad plays like that are reasons why we're able to make money playing this little game over the intertubes.

I'm off today to hopefully cheer up a family member that has hit a rough patch and might not be on for the Riverchasers tourney hosted by he-who-shall-not-be-named (yes, I admit to wanting the new Harry Potter book).

If you want some content that will stimulate more then a dozen body parts and haven't read the pimpin from other sites, Pauly is back with another Truckin' issue make sure you drop by to give it its due.

Thanks for dropping by, now how soon until we hear A-Rod + Steroid allegations? As must admit as I detest the Yankees, the boy is making the game look like co-ed softball night with a cooler of Busch Light sitting in the dugout for beers in-between at-bats. Phenomicytical and down right fun to watch. Go A-Rod!

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