Monday, April 23, 2007

Beef: Its What I Want

First off, congrats to a pair of fine ladies for their cashes in the WPBT Limit Hold Em' tourney last night. Limit still has the undisputed reign of red ink drizzled across a spreadsheet that is firmly in the black for the year (I've been dabbling in the $1/$2 game now, just single tabling).

Bayne, sorry about the late response, but I added a little note in the comments area about the EV in that O8 hand.

Ok, the shock of having to move positions is over, but the lame duck work sessions for the next month will provide the need to channel my inner cash game patience as working on clean-up detail doesn't leave one thirsty for the quest of workplace knowledge and all that six sigma stuff they drill into your head. Its hard looking at all of assorted emails from people I've taken time to get to know and build a rapport with to allow the job to flow easier and having those bridges crumble at a moments notice.

Life. Its not going to get any easier, so why the fuck aren't you drinking?

Actually, I'm surprised at how serene the wading pool is in my head. No ripples from Wyatt diving in after his multi-colored water football, or vendors asking me questions that in a couple of weeks will become someone else's responsiblity residing several mountaintops beyond this country's borders. Just happy to be here coach, but it could have been worse and that's the route of my Soo Line thought. Staying on the course of providing for the family, instead of putting much stock into issues I cannot control.

Ugh. Did I use a G-Dubya-ism? Its Monday, forgive me for any lack of coherency as my friends got together to enjoy the great outdoors of my backyard, drunken conversation (Twins losing two of three to the Royals?!?!?!), and charred animal in various presentations. Purging of a bad day, week, month, or even your year as I'll be there for yooooooooooou...

(excuse me while I grab a shotgun for my head to remove the "Friends" theme song)

Ok, its always a mental loofah to party with like-minded adults while the kids are locked away in an undisclosed nuclear bunker or my parent's house where they got to the freshly baked M and M cookies before my little paws got one. There's still no better therapy then sitting on a porch with light breeze floating thru the grill or by a bonfire with a smooth Gurkha resting between my fingers just rambling off good reasons why the Vikes should go after Adrian Peterson versus Brady Quinn at the NFL draft this week. Still hoping T-Jax (because shortened names are da shit yo!) will turn out more like Randal Cunningham vs. Tony Randall, and an exciting back would be snug for the Vikes insistance on winning games 9 to 7 last year. I predict several 12 to 7 victories this coming season.

And maybe with a little luck, I'll be able to see my invisible internet friends as well this summer. Of course that would mean I actually have to PLAY in a WSOP qualifer first because without a bracelet race win, my wife's response would be somewhere between "hell no" and "honey, the swelling from the frying pan should go down soon".

Thanks for dropping by, now Hoy, tonight, Full Tilt, BloggerChallenge, screenshots and name-calling to ensue, news at 11.

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