Monday, April 16, 2007

Big Game, Big Win

I checked with my bookie this weekend about taking Santana at home versus the lowly Tampa Bay Devil Rays on the run line.

"Bet the house and get me some Shrek fun fruit!" exclaimed the diminutive arm breaker

Fortunately the wager was fictional as paying for a trip to a train museum and there’s no such thing as wagering on sporting events over the internets. I had to pay that sinister toddler looking man-child pictured to the left whom laughed his way to the Jackson Street Roundhouse after the Cy Young award winner decided to leave a few change-ups hanging thus losing the game for the Twinkies.

At least the Thomas the Tank Engine videos were fun to watch with free chocolate milk and M & M cookies on Sunday morning as we beat the crowd and enjoyed a little history lesson of the St. Paul based roundhouse upon the old steel horses. After a quick nine with my friend Burnsie, who only enjoys my easy money on the golf course, we set out to meet up with family for some overpriced arcade fun at Dave and Busters.

A question on tipping etiquette: we had a party of about 14 people including three kids that were well-behaved despite the siren sounds of tickets being extracted from the various games of skill in the arcade. Our bill had an 18% gratuity charge, standard and not an issue as it was well-deserved. Does the waiter receive this, or does the tip go to the house? I tipped above the amount anyway due to the waiter’s lack of corporate robotism as seen on previous trips, but if I hadn’t tipped I wanted to make sure he was rewarded for answering in-depth questions from Wyatt about the restored Pac-Man game that stood only a first down away from his seat at the table.

After grabbing enough tickets to purchase must have items such as a Star Wars lightsaber (over/under for knocked down pictures is set at three days) and a couple of Care Bears for the little one, we headed back home where I was ready to cheer on my fellow bloggers in the Big Game (hosted by Miami Don).

Kyra was dancing around due to the overload of lights and double shots of Rumple Mintze but settled in with her newly acquired stuffed animals and slept like, well, a baby. My computer showed a couple of IMs from a pair of fellow degenerates asking if I was playing the tourney this evening. I assumed the tourney started at 7:30 because that’s what Microsoft Outlook said, my thanks to Billy G. in Washington! With a few “stitch it ups” and “just give the kid a tranquilizer dart” I managed to read thru half of the Cat In the Hat’s antics with promises of finishing this evening while pre-registering for the tourney.

Defending Champ Pauly, Miami Don, Blinders, Iakaris, TABLE CHANGE! Then again, this is what the Big Game was supposed to do, bring out the bloggers for a chance at a decent sized cash and “serious” poker. Yes, I played the hammer for a raise. Yes, I played the mOOOOOkie for a raise.

And yes, I managed to chop 1st after it was all done and took the 1st place points for the bloggerpokerchallenge as I apologize for not knowing my fellow players whom I chopped with.

One flip, one suckout, and one resuck that’s all the action packed recap I can muster, as I’ll leave tourney reporting to the pros, and stick with things I know like skulling a lob wedge so badly someone asked what gauge was the shotgun I fired after an approach shot.

And after losing a good chunk of change on Saturday after another failed attempt to grasp limit O8, it put a smile back on this “poker” blogger’s face another as wide as the bookie’s picture above.

Thanks for dropping by, now if the other players in the chop could forward their links I’ll post em up as my two readers will send countless hits to your websites :)


Mike Maloney (not from Police Academy!)


Anyone know the clown?

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