Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mookie? Signs Point To Yes

I shall be conserving my chi today for slaying the monster that has become Miami Don.

Funny, I thought he was pretty cool meeting him at the Sahara last week, now all he does is take blogger's mobneys via quasi-legal means over the internets. Of course I should mention I lasted three hours longer then him at the live tourney in a sad attempt to knock this beast off his game.

If that doesn't work I'll resort to sticks and stones next.

Baring some freakish snow storm in April I be pla...

Oh, its snowing here? Sigh.

See you at the Mookie tonight kids, remember to bring your jokes and screw those tin foil caps on tight.

Note to Ryan: Did you get my email for your brother? For some reason they get caught by spam filters sometimes.

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