Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Band of Fathers

First there were twin peaks, then another fish in the sea, a future movie going card shark in LA sneezed for the camera, and now JJ decided to give his triplets something to pick on.

Congrats to all the new fathers!

As a sign of solidarity, my daughter decided I’ve been sleeping too much lately and promptly woke up late last night with some screams that would make Linda Blair and Jamie Lee Curtis perk up to take notice, after I updated my poker site with a few articles (meaning it was already f’in late). Not one to cuddle usually, she curled up into a little plush ball of soft skin all the way to nana’s house this morning and fought valiantly of letting go as I tried to manage a flight of stairs out of the house without taking a plunge over the side from lack of sleep.

Too bad coffee isn’t in my vocabulary; I might need to step onto the dark side of ground beans, emo baristas, and flavor shots one of these days.

If you heard some cheering from the internet cafes and possibly many hotel rooms surrounding the Rio yesterday, Neteller decided to release its first non doom-and-gloom statement with its intentions of unlocking accounts for withdrawal purposes. Granted, my chunk o’ change comes out to a weekend at Wisconsin Dells with a few water park passes and a ride on the Ducks, many players’ bankrolls have been muted to the point of $30/$60 players forced to suck it up on the penny ante tables.

I’ll await the breakdown of the statement by resident poker blogging sourpuss Bill Rini (if you want to see the “real” Bill, check out the awesome trip reports, go check out his must see trip reports in Thailand and Spain) before breaking out the bottles of Boone’s in celebration. If it passes his muster, then I think it’s same to assume that another flush of cash is going to hit the poker economy within a month.

20 days to touchdown in Sin City for this humble blogger attempting to tackle what seems to be record breaking crowds once again at the WSOP. Sadly that means I won’t be there for the WPBT event this weekend to break some rocks at the Orleans’ O8 tables. If you haven’t attend a live WPBT event in the past, I highly recommend digging around your favorite blogger’s sites for trip reports, you won’t regret attending, except for that tattoo of a Spearmint Rhino’s feature dancer on your forehead.

Thanks for dropping by, now who would have predicted 4 shy of 3,000 players for a prelim event at the WSOP despite yet another round of highly auditable complaints (Pauly should ask for a hit of the stuff they were smoking while selecting those goofy cards) !?!?

Bonus for Speaker... Was this a Six Sigma event? What happened to Chavez choking?

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