Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Instant Karma Over 24 Hours

Anyone have a spare plastic bubble I could live in for the next two weeks until I descend upon the Rio to pick up my wrist trinket and a few comped Cap’n Cokes from scantly clad waitresses who secretly want you to look? Well you, not me as I'm married and don't look at women in that way anymore except when I do.

If you believe in karma as I do, I’m beginning to wonder how many oatmeal cream pies and blocks of mandarin orange jello I stole from the local nursing home. Last night’s softball game was the kicker to a day of sudden deadlines, diaper rash that looked like something the Center for Disease Control would have on a laminated chart on a dermatologist’s wall, and finding out I missed the pre-registration for the WSOP by a mere six hours.

The last one caused a minor spaz out that rivaled Wyatt’s tantrum for not getting to go to the pool this weekend due to his inability to consume breakfast in a timely manner. Thanks again to those who send their parenting stories/tips, he’s continuing his road towards staying out of juvie.

A registration line once I touch down in Vegas shouldn’t kill an entire day of debauchery as I’ll have Monday morning/afternoon to rest up and maybe play a little O8 with the locals to sharpen any skillz needed to tackle the PLO8 event later at night. Especially since this event nears the finish line of yet another record breaking year at the WSOP despite the online players having to go through The Great Escape type means to withdraw their ill gotten funds and stand in line with bricks of cash in hand to receive their slop from Harrah’s tournament sign up mess line (Yes, Al I finally sat down to watch this flick, thanks for the tip).

With Speaker as my Apollo Creed in getting back the eye of the tiger before I step onto the tournament canvas, I hope I’m able to utter some symbolist of the English language Monday afternoon while taunting the holla balla boyz for entering an event that isn’t made for the overly aggressive higher stakes NLHE cash game type. Granted, the players at the table will know their straight is no good on a paired/flush board and getting paid off will take more pirouettes then a production of Swan Lake, but I’m confident with a couple of breaks going my way and few a bluffs, there will be at least a story (and hopefully some cash) for all of those that were kind enough to back this Omaholic into his first WSOP.

12 days to touchdown. Let us pray.

Thanks for dropping by, now make sure you’re clicking all the links to the right as WPBT trip reports are finally pouring in with Spaceman’s wife becoming the sixth WPBT champ! A woman poker player winning a tournament??!?! I think the folks at Wicked Chops are currently walking in circles chain smoking and muttering in Sanskrit while watching reruns of BJ and the Bear backwards after learning that a woman has won a poker tournament.

Congrats Rachel!!!

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