Thursday, June 14, 2007

Drunk On Fresh Air

I'll hang the oft used sign of "Gone to the Cabin" on the front door here since sitting around at home and actually getting the some rest for once doesn't make any sense due to the beautiful up here in the Northwoods.

But, I will be subjecting myself to some artificially cooled air at Grand Casino Hinckley this weekend to acustom myself to holding cards and sitting next to total strangers that want to take my money in a civilized manner. I'm sure the competition at the $2/$4 limit tables will be in line with the low rollers at the WSOP who use the $1,500 events to wake up for the larger events.

That's fine with me, since I'll be all business come June 25th at five o'clock. I haven't had the time to play much online lately due to softball, kids, and heading up to the no wifi zone surrounding my cabin every weekend to taste wonderful charred animal fleshes on the grill and BS by the bonfire until the glass of Cap'n Coke gets too heavy to lift. My online play last night was par for the course over the past three weeks, make it down to the last few tables, run a semi-decent hand into a bigger one when low on chips due to no spots to steal. Or flat out bubble like the monkey-rific turbo Razz game in the Dookie last night.

Just poker. Play the plays, what happens after that is up to the RNG or the cards that are laid out on the center of the table. If you're bitching about this person playing that, or how could that donkey call your bet... you're no better poker player that the mouth breather sitting in front of E! 24 hours a day waiting for Paris Hilton updates while shoveling a gallon sized tub of Chunky Monkey down your gullet.

Remember if it wasn't for bad players, most people would be broke from this game a loooooooooong time ago. Ponder on that next time USukMyDickies or that smelly cow chip farmer in the seven seat calls your obvious semi-bluff with a four flush on the board with a underpair to the entire flop. Making those type of plays makes YOU the bad player. YOU didn't assess the situation correctly. YOU put out a bet knowing full well he/she would call with any pair. YOU missed the board and could have gotten more chips when that hidden straight or set falls into your lap, instead of passing those chips to the pair of fours that held up when your 25% flush chance didn't hit (or a little more percentage with overcards).

Thanks for dropping by, now to add to the sensory overload of events lately, the US Open starts today for us hackers of the links. If I shot 120 at Oakmont I'd probably frame the scorecard

Edit: Anyone listen/watch this video from Bill's site? This video should be a textbook on how NOT to make an arguement for the bible-thumping gambling haters.

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