Thursday, June 07, 2007

If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say

I'm having a tough time with this one and since we have so many parents out there in our little corner of the interweb maybe someone else has run up against this.

If a friend/family member has labeled your kid as a "bad kid" and scrutinizes every action the kid makes while managing to strain the relationship between you and the friend/family member because they feel their kid is wronged.

Is there any course of action?

You see the improvements in their behavior daily, yet he/she gets a bad rap from the hawk's eye on your kid while they play with together for maybe an hour a week.

I'm lost on further things to say because all I get is a run down of every little "he pushed at this time" and "he does this" and "you need to control your kid more" while I sit back and absorb it because arguing is futile.

Maybe someone from Speaker's parent corner would like to chime in? It would appreciated greatly.

Thanks for dropping by, now please if you are attending the WPBT event this weekend someone please buy in for 5-6 racks in the $2/$4 mixed game at the MGM. Oh, and don't attempt to emulate my wheelchair derby night, save that for the irresponsible idiots from Minnesota who manage flopping out of the gate like Mr. Otis in a 1 1/8 furlong race on turf.

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