Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Vant To Play Some Cards

Not sure what caused the recent spike in traffic here, did I publish those *pics of Dr. Pauly caught in bed at the Plaza two years ago with two meth-addicted Filipino midget hookers and copy of Cardplayer on his nightstand?

Probably not as I've been sworn to never mention that night.

See, I can keep a secret!

Anyone watching the coverage by our friends at Bluff, PokerStars Blog, and Pokernews? Or got too drunk one night and subscribed to the WSOP final table camera feed? Despite being home mostly to sleep for the past two weeks, I've been trying to at least keep up with the WSOP hoopla for what its worth. Is there are going to be a mass revolt against the playing conditions, and general stupidity (Math Quiz for that chip runner or hell the idiots manning the eye in the sky... name three chips of the same denomination, same color using only whole numbers that could add up to $2,500). *cue Jeopardy! theme song*

Nod to Felicia for that 2+2 post. Hope you guys are feeling better!

And short answer to a mass revolt... probably never since poker players feed off easy money and there's a room full of it getting larger every year at the WSOP.

My side game action will be taking place at Casa Del Gold across the parking lot with plenty of $5 Pai Gow and $2/$4 limit hold em' action for this low rollin' card slinger. Or even the PLO action at Binion's per Felicia's suggestion... I'd love to play it live at least once ($2 rake? That's better then online!!).

Thanks for dropping by, now please a moment of silence for those geeks who loved watching Mr. Wizard growing up. I'm one of them.

* The incident did not happen at least to the best of my knowledge while in his suite at the Plaza since I was busying yelling at a laptop while playing $100 NLHE at Full Tilt

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