Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Shilling for Shilling

This is not a sponsored post but a thanks to the companies that choose to drop some coin for this gambling degenerate to ramble on about poker and being a parent.

Poker Source Online and still offer those yummy deposit bonuses I used to lap up back in the wild west days of bonus whoring from site to site. PSO takes it a step further and offers several very cool prizes for completing a certain amount of frequent player's points at the various sites in conjunction with the regular deposit bonus. Also, be sure to check out their freerolls and overlay laden poker leagues. Can't hate free mobneys.

I've been playing at Full Tilt around the first days of its existance and still believe its games are currently the best choice for those trapped behind the Kyl Curtain. The Daily Double tournament for multi-tablers gives you a $24 shot at several thousand should you manage to take down the two MTTs back to back. Difficult feat for sure, but the "best in show" booby prize for finishing the highest in both tourney isn't anything to sneeze at either. has evolved its blog and poker forum into a regular place to visit for any poker player. Sometimes "the Sklansky line" isn't enough information, why not seek out a different opinion with a fresh point of view about that hand?

For quick news bites on the poker-y happenings, along with an updated listing everytime you refresh this page, has your news that fits into your busy work day. Or if you're five guinness' deep into uber-post and wanted to know who won the recent WPT event without killing more work productivity.

And lastly,, the king of overlay tourneys. Should you have the means of transferring money in today's online poker economy I HIGHLY recommend throwing down some mobneys. Any player worth his/her salt will take home a high return

Thanks for dropping by, now go forth and shill like a pro!

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