Thursday, August 02, 2007

BBT Freeroll Tonight

Since I have a morality story stuffed in my head that won't come out yet due to the horrific bridge collapse yesterday I just stick to pimping two big blogger tourneys coming up:

From AlCan'tDrink:

Tournament: Battle of Blogger Tournament $2,500 Freeroll (MONEY ADDED BY FULL TILT!!)

When: Thursday, 22:00 ET


Password: Qualifiers already pre-registered

And of course the higher stakes game for bloggers who need a little more at stake, four figure payday is usually had at Miami Don's "Big Game". Grab a $75 token during the nightly $14 + $1 MTT token frenzy at Full Tilt which should be filmed for an instructional video on how not to play satellite poker.

August 5th
9:30 EST
One "Big Token or $69 + $6
Password: donkey
Check your ego at the door

Stay away from the big stack tard on the bubble and pocket the token. Easier then beating your son at Wii bowling. Actually that's not easy, and I usually lose...

While checking out Don's site yesterday, he put up a link to Big Stack which computes your tournament results. KOD, how many frickin tourneys do you play in a day?!?! Wow nice results!

I was surprised at the results (they're missing my recent PLO win, but fairly accurate besides that). But, I'm not convinced in the cash vs. tourney profitablity arguement since I don't play tourneys with big enough buy ins to make a huge score and just blogger tourneys for the most part. In the future I'll plunge back into a tourney challenge once the bankroll is shored up to take a sustained hit without having to cry about losing coin flips or two outers after playing for four hours.

Thanks for dropping by, now the death toll is up to nine with the unbelievable events yesterday, please pray for the families of those who lost someone or are missing (20 as of this morning).

EDIT: Some very close photos of the bridge scene and wreakage.

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