Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Youth Gone Wild

I've been trying to get out these words after reading the blogs about the "younger" set of internet poker phenoms running over the asshat limit.

Here's that post in words that only Otis could weave together to get the message out without sounding like that old jaded rock in the worn out Gold Coast t-shirt and fanny pack who only plays wired pairs above 8s and AK while in position and is still playing only for the $1/hour comps so he can buy a hot dog for dinner.

And to those who are way late to the Neteller party, send that email to get back your account number you once memorized and withdraw immediately if not sooner. G-Rob lets you in on the disclaimer they have you mark but don't necessarily have to agree to for the funds...

... or you could buy a new kitchen like Otis with the "found" change in the proverbial Neteller couch

Me? I have my eye on a certain trip in December since the money was a little less then a set of new stainless steel appliances. But will pay for a lukewarm sandwich and cookie on Sun Country Airlines.

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