Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tilt Level: Lemon-Lime

Remember kids...

Calling off 90% your stack with A7o late in a tourney pre-flop with a reasonable amount of chips is how you get poker room endorsements and chicks like these to accompany you to your weekly badminiton matches at the YMCA.

I'll add on the $1 for the above to Shane and Absinthe for their 10% of a net $19 win in the 14K guarantee at Full Tilt due to my inability to dodge the douchebags who can't even find their dicks to take a piss.

My apologies gentlemen.

I will be enjoy becoming one with the earth tonight as some yard work needs to be done before heading up to the cabin this weekend. Since my attitude sucked while dropping a buy in at the PLO8 tables, a night with shovels, gloves and cold beer sounds more appealing then dumping money to a nut peddler.

Have a great holiday weekend folks, and if you want to listen to Mouth Guitar Guy as much as I do, tune into during the Common Man Cole show 12-2pm CST.

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