Monday, August 27, 2007

Slot Machines with Cards

If Pot Limit Omaha is a gambler’s poker game, No Limit Omaha 8 or Better is the degenerate gambler’s game. Open push for a full stack to win the blinds? No problem! But, do you want to call with that very playable hand? Your hand is connected, sOOted, great chances to scoop, but can you pull the trigger on the push monkey (below goes to show that aces in Omaha are not what they seem)? pokenum -mc 500000 -o8
ac as 5d 9h - ah 2s 3h qs
Omaha Hi/Low 8-or-better: 500000 sampled boards
cards scoop HIwin HIlos HItie LOwin LOlos LOtie EV
As Ac 5d 9h 168055 313806 184904 1290 26541 150363 5897 0.500
Qs 2s Ah 3h 166556 184904 313806 1290 229929 10507 5897 0.500

A majority of the time, yes you will be shown AAXX and call while flipping coins or behind forced to watch the cards fall as they may while you spam the “get chips” button in anticipation of reloading. Is it “real” poker though? After playing several hours/days of both Pot Limit and No Limit Omaha its difficult to understand why people flip coins pre-flop in these games when sitting and nut peddling could net you better results. But, the players are getting better in these games, and since there’s a smaller pool of Omaha players you can be assured notes about your donkey plays are being taken, why not take advantage of that?

Pushing pre-flop a few times with crappy aces may net you only the blinds but if a note gets tagged to your avatar “only pushes with aces” people who would normally call for their stack pre-flop with a decent hand may think twice if you’re holding AAXX. Save the coin flips for getting low on chips in a tourney or a pressure bet, as pushing preflop or post flop for 10x the pot in these cash games should be reserved for trapping a player that calls a little bit too loosely and taking a 70/30 advantage to swipe that stack away from the mouth breather.

Sorry for the pokery stuff but the Fair drained my wallet and left a case of deep fried rot in my belly that after several Sunday newspaper sections on the throne haven’t cleared that last cheese curd. Yes, StB they did squeek, but still not as good as the Dells. More on the Fair with pictures of cute kids splattered in chocolate chips from Sweet Martha's Cookies tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by, now next time I start singing 80’s pop music please tell me to leave my NLO8 game and find a $1 donkament if I’m sitting on almost five buy ins. I’d be a sad panda if my Full Tilt account was left with no mobneys and only enough player’s points for a Matusow stress ball and key chain.

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