Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yes, I Dislike Losing

Minus a few lines of whine, I hardly felt the missed rivers when I hands didn't hold up last night. But there will be no pokery musing today as I'm extending my lengthy middle finger towards flush-chasing monkeys that prevented me from getting a token because a $26 token it worth much more then a stack at the $.50/$1 tables of course.

Below are some scribblings by authors you may have heard of, read at your own risk (and enjoy every paragraph by these master keystrokers which bring you stories you won't find at your local Barnes and Noble). Rock on Pauly. The previous attempt of internet sarcasm as been brought to you by the Michael Vick legal defense team, where the motto is "abandon ship!!!".

Enjoy the new Truckin' folks.

Truckin' August 2007, Vol. 6, Issue 8

We're back with the last issue of the summer featuring some of your favorite writers.

1. Pyramid by Paul McGuire I quickly discovered that Seattle was a bastion for the super weird. You needed to have layered eccentricies in order to stick out among the masses of freaks. Goth-dykes with foot fetishes might freak people out in conservative cities and small towns, but in Seattle, that puts you in the core group of "normal people."... More

2. Cross-word by Sigge S. Amdal Her hair was in explosive disarray across the pillow like the blood spurt pattern from a shotgun blast. It was slightly blond, streaked with brown and very beautiful. It looked like the crossroad of infinite options where only a handful suggested returning to the bed. She was fast asleep... More

3. Meeting Mama McGrupp by Change100 I had yet to meet Mama McGrupp. Pauly assured me it was for a good reason. All I knew about this woman was that she was five feet tall, chain-smoked, had a wicked New York accent, was overly fond of Amaretto, and never had anything nice to say about anyone... More

4. Kansas Clouds by Susan B. BentleyClick. I got a photo of Kat just before she gave me the finger. Lying back down, I moved the lens across the sky, trying to capture a cloud on its journey. I sat up and took a picture of the track ahead. Nothing but mud and dust, bordered by fields of corn slowly moving in the breeze, nothing but empty for miles ahead... More

5. Summer Story by May B. Yesno Friends are a difficult thing. As a matter of fact they are almost impossible. Difficult to find for the first thing and just as difficult to keep - especially in a mobile society... More

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