Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blame It On (Mookie)

When I got home yesterday after a family jaunt up to Culver’s via rollerblading for me and Kyra and bike for my wife and Wyatt, I was planning on a nice little post the next day about the people I saw on the way thru the fifteen pounds of liquid salt running off my forehead.

But best laid plans don’t always work out, especially when Full Tilt decides to rig a charity tournament in your favor (not really but I'm still shocked). I had to do was press various buttons labeled “Win a coin flip”, “Have your higher pocket pair hold up”, and “Steal those blinds like you’re Winona Rider inside Macy’s”. I’m not sure how I finished fourth this morning/last night as I’m sure zombism will soon kick in around lunch time once the morning rush of emails and updating my TPS reports is finished. But, am I glad I decided to focus in on one tourney instead of zipping around to my usual multi-tabling cash bonanza giveaway (otherwise known as Drizz impersonating a poker player).

The table chat was funny, the competition was tight, Andy Bloch dropping by, and most importantly we raised some bucks for a child with some serious health problems. To you Tanner Evers, although you’ll never meet the degenerates that logged onto an internet web site last night and slung some pixels thru a random number generator, there’s some very real cash coming your way hopefully to buy you something to comfort, to heal, or to laugh with.

Thanks Mookie and all the bloggers except StB (I kid!) for an enjoyable time, despite my embarrassing poker skillz, I enjoyed the company and the chance to give back a little.

Thanks for dropping by, now if you don’t know what this is post is all about please check out this site for information about Tanner Evers.

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