Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Zygi Socky Zygi Socky Oi Oi Oi!!!

There’s exactly three times you’ll see me with a smile this wide:

1) I just had sex

2) I just cracked someone min-raising or limping with Aces and they whine about losing

3) Vikings and Twins winning on the same night

As Meat Loaf stated in his love ballad, two out of three ain’t bad. I figured this week, internet porn and watching Twins baseball while the wife tries to catch up on sleep is a much healthier substitute then my awkward sexual advances.

How did the Purple do last night? Winning the game was monstrous for their frail ego, considering their record outdoors (4-24) and on the road (11-29) since 2001 and defeating a playoff-caliber team is not to be overlooked despite the low scoring. Granted there’s neither reason to start calling up Zygi for playoff tickets nor any guarantees that the Vikes will not revert to their failings in the fourth quarter in year’s pasts. One made field goal with seconds left by John Hall and I might be out $30, and singing a different tune about how the defense allowed the Skins’ to carve up field in less then a minute with no timeouts despite showing an anemic deep passing game for the other 59 minutes. It’s amazing how little things could change a recap of a sporting event.

Troy Williamson could have turned this ass-puckering, last second tying field goal attempt game into a semi-rout with two more catches. The deep threat is legit, if his hands were as talented as his legs. Taylor and Robinson are very competent receivers but they lack the pure speed of Williamson. If the deep jump balls are going to get thrown (and they should) someone needs to be able to haul it in.

Offensive front line. Wow. Not only did the pure bulk work to their advantage but smart plays like Hutchinson’s cut back into the middle to open up Chester Taylor’s score was brilliant. A couple of more games gelling together may get Viking’s fans to buy up the remaining tickets for the remaining home games (preventing a very rare non-sellout) and have something to cheer about other then watching the Jumbotron for the Twins updates and the extra malt cup acquired from the shouting concession vendors.

Next up for Vikes: Steve Smith and if he decides to bring the rest of the Carolina Panthers that’s ok too. Of course if Smith is still hurt, they could have a repeat of their loss to the Falcons, minus embarrassing missed tackles by a scrambling quarterback. I doubt Johnson has enough shimmy left to pull off a double deke on Peppers and company. But he definitely has the arm to beat them.

On the poker front, I managed a short session last night of $2/$4 limit hold em (didn’t want to play no limit with the game on) and a little $1/$2 6-max limit O8. The O8 was uneventful as one quartering on a flopped wheel left me a whopping $2.50 down after 90 minutes. But the LHE tables decided it was my turn to hit some hands (nut straight, and two boats within five hands after folding forever) and making a questionable call-down.
You decide.

I’m on the button with 66

A player with 10BBs raises UTG, flat called by UTG + 1, folded around, I call, SB calls, BB raises (!), all call.

Flop is 9s 5s 4h, UTG leads out, UTG + 1 folds, I call, SB and BB folds (!).

Turn is 9h, UTG bets, I call.

River is 5c, UTG bets, I call.

Call me stubborn, but when he didn’t cap I couldn’t give him credit for JJ, QQ, KK, AA. TT was possible, 99 and 55 wouldn’t happen because I’m not Danny N. and this isn't High Stakes Poker, since the player hasn’t done much out of line before I figured AK- AJ, plus the pot was laying me 7.5:1 on the turn and 10:1 on the river. Or was I a calling station donkey that should have folded the flop?

Thus concludes my fan-tab-u -lossus poker content of the day. Wheeeeeeeeeeee.

Thanks for dropping by, now a note to Dwight Smith… in the future do your business in the champagne room like the rest of the team. Thank you kindly.

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