Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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Otis is the man once again.

Read UpForPoker this morning and start your journey down the yellow brick road of Billy’s encounter of a home game at Earle’s place (someone wake up Chad to approve his comments…). As if the penis farm sprouting in his front yard wasn’t enough, it looks like Otis is going to take you on a ride thru the blog-o-sphere via comments. Color me amazed daily by the words, advice, and rants people are kind enough to take a few minutes to bang out onto the internet for some guilty stashed-Penthouse-under-the-bed type reading (yes I read it for the articles).

Long winded discussions about playing A7o (my apologies to Daddy for that skunk of a game last night) in MP may be on the decline, but what evolves from underneath the Bud Jones styled chips and discarded losing hands that had promise pre-flop, will still be worth a moment or two of your time.

Will I still blog about poker? Hell yeah! I enjoy the hell out of the game. The difference these days is that I’ve learned to play WHEN I can, not BECAUSE I can. This is a hard lesson that gamblers and WPT fanbois learn as they pull up PokerStars or Full Tilt for the first time and watch the $100/$200 PLO game going on between Gus Hansen, Mike Matusow, and three others with names like “IfookedUrMom”. “$45,000 in real money in there?” wow, this looks like fun and the people really suck at this game! Ivey calling off $90K on two pair? Ha, what a chump!

Poker is fun, but it’s also a constant test of mental fortitude. Being a straight “A” student, could you handle getting a “D” on a physics test despite being able to recite the material in English, Latin, and Sanskrit? Would you chalk it up to variance and eagerly await the next test with the same pep? If you were an all-state high school pitcher, soon-to-be #1 pick in the MLB draft, and could throw 100 m.p.h. fastball with no curveball, could you adjust to a team of Albert Pujols that could sit back and send your best heater somewhere over the rainbow?

IMHO, if you are to be successful at the game, you should be able to throw the off-speed pitch, and adjust to the confines of a test, more then bemoan the fact that your Aces got cracked XX number of times that you’ve received them or you can’t win a coin flip (for sob tales feel free to read my archives).

Writing is a different game. I do not claim nor want to be viewed as “a writer”, maybe mass commenter since I can’t help myself when I see the opportunity to try to fill a punch line. I do not possess the creativity, the vocabulary, or the worldly knowledge that one would assign towards bloggers/writers that I admire (take this test to see if u r SMRT found on Russ Fox’s site, I got a 7/9 60% knowledgeable, 80% intellectual and felt about as smart as Maurice Clarett while standing in front of the judge yesterday).

However, I do enjoy spilling my daily musing onto this blog. The post could be about a recent flair up with the wife explaining to me *cough* calmly *cough* my inability to break my attention from Brad Johnson in the shotgun formation is a tad rude. Or the flair up happening my daughter’s diaper that after changing diapers for over three years now actually made me gag.

I would like to thank those who drop by daily despite my mockery of the English language rules and thank those who sponsor this little niche space on the internet helping to ease the pain of those nights that I yell at the Geico gecko icon for having the audacity of slow playing Aces to my King-Queen offsuit hitting top pair.

Now, if you want to read some real artistry in motion, please follow Otis’ tale around some hacks who invite us into their lives for a few minutes a day.

Thanks for dropping by, now D.A.D.I. has a new tourney on Thursday be sure to hit up their brand new website, and Mike’s always funny ad for details on the prizes added tourney.

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