Friday, September 08, 2006

Just Because Its Friday

I heart Volleyball chicks

I'd like to kiss Joey Porter as well. Even if I blew $10 playing the two cent slots at Mansion's casino after the influx to that account :)

I think the main reason for my losses lately have been due to lack of riding the variance out during a certain session. One bad call or inane "bad beat" later and I'd call it a night (especially during the week when I can only play for an hour or so) versus trying to grind back the money lost. I managed to put a sizable dent into losses occured in August and now I'm heading back towards believing I can still pull a profit from this game without having to give massages or excuses. Time will tell.

Wyatt is wondering why someone would call an all-in with bottom pair on a paired board but is thankful for the doofus donating towards his Thomas the Tank Engine collection

Now that school has started up again, I'm with spawn #1 and spawn #2 for the day alone which the highlight will be rumaging thru other people's garbage with masking taped price tags sitting upon the old Optimus Prime with one arm. Garage sales are glorified recycling but with two little kids and a tight budget like most people, you can dress your kid up in Tommy, Gap, and whatever the little metrosexuals and princesses are wearing these days at a fraction of the cost.

Needlessly to say, I enjoy my days alone with kids even if it includes negotiating with the owner of the mini monster truck with three wheels down to a quarter from fifty cents.

Have a good weekend folks, I'll actually be around home this weekend so feel free to come take my money while I'm three or four drinks in tonight ;)

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