Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Can We Bash Yet?

For Speaker: I think we washed again, Twinkies went down in order in the 3rd and Cuddyer tallied one RBI. But those loveable hometown boys rallied for the win again.

Here's the prop bet for the afternoon game: Liriano strikeouts (he's going to be limited to ~60 pitches today) vs. Big Hurt's (or pick a player if he's not playing) total bases in his first two at-bats (please don't homer please don't homer).

Final game score predictions? $5 and I'll give +1.5 runs :) (I'm baiting the hook with a daredevil hoping to snag a lunker here).


Ugh, the waiting time before a blogger event sucks, luckily I haven't had much time to ponder on it. Anyone bringing their laptops? $20+/bottle hair products? Extra condoms for hairy situations? Sweet sweet Pablo?


I'm sure this has happened to you, but I'll throw it out there.

You're playing softball, going to the supermarket, inside an adult book store nudie booth, or having dinner at a sit down restaurant and you're noticed by an attractive female (or male if you swing like that). Its a normal occurance because of your natural good looks *cough*. This female seems somewhat familar but you can't place the face because you're staring at her chest. No, wait that's me.

She starts walking up to you and asks...

"Didn't you graduate in '93?"

Ah yes, the hot unattainable chick from high school! (we won't mention being 120 lbs. dripping wet and going for the rare geek/jock double double back then)

And whoa she's actually nice!

Do you prattle on with requisite questions like "where are you working?" "are you married?" (if yes) "have any kids?" (if no) "let's go have some shots, get drunk and have wild monkey sex in the basement of my parent's house!" Oh don't mind the brunette with the bat in her hand and a scarlet red face coming towards us its just a bit cold and her cheeks are a little rosy.

I've never gone to a high school reunion, so I'm totally in the dark as to the percentage of people who "grow up" from the popular crowds, the jocks, the preps, or even the bullies. I'm considering going to my 15 year reunion if I can nudge a couple of my friends to go just so I can brag about blogging and get that same look I got from Cyndi in high school when I first asked her out on a date while wearing some torn blue checkboard Umbro's, a bad haircut, and a Big Johnson Poker shirt LIQUOR IN THE FRONT, POKER IN THE REAR.

Stud muffin, Don Juan. Yeah, that's me.

Thus concludes the flashback of the 90s for today.

Thanks for dropping by, now did you ever get to talk to your high school crush or guy/girl that you just noticed from the sidelines? Was it disappointing? Would you hit it?

Edit: Since I can't get the radio coverage here, I'm loving this GameCast of the Twins/A's game via ESPN. Two big thumbs up!

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