Monday, September 18, 2006

I Am Not An Eagles' Fans

For the next dance there will be a required Basic Training class with at least a "C" achieved in field dressings and in-battle first aid, also with flak jackets handed out at the door.

What the hell is the world coming to?

Onto things that don't involve people getting shot for not being able to groove to the latest by Jay-Z.

Vikings’ victory in one word:


I can see how the Bears’ won their games last year, and feel for the fans because my stomach can’t take many more of these. Granted the Vikes defense isn’t quite on par with the Windy City’s, but they are showing signs of a swarming defense that can win games. Yes, Steve Smith didn’t play, get over it Carolina fans (but I recognize that Carolina probably would have won if he played, several dropped balls out there by receivers not named Me-Shawn).

With the defenses dominating the game on both sides the Vikes had to win on a trick play despite Chris Gamble’s attempt to gift wrap the tying score by showing why he was cut as the third string quarterback on his Pop Warner team. Any chance Gamble will blame the wind tunnels at the dome or perhaps a roofie slipped into his Gatorade?

There was someone who deserved the face time he got yesterday. In a Brett Farve-like sense, Julius Peppers’ name got mentioned no less then the please-retire-after-the-season-so-the-Vikes-can-get-two-easy-divisonal-game-wins-quarterback. If Al and BigMike were to do shots each time Farve’s name was mentioned (when he’s not busy throwing receptions to the other team) during a Packers’ game… the Boathouse might run out of SoCo. But, Peppers deserved every mention: sacks, tackles, getting in Johnson’s face, coming out of nowhere to almost tackle Richard Owens near the end zone on the fake FG play. Awesome.

Besides one tricky play, the Vikes offense sputtered along like a 16 year old trying to learn how to use the clutch in his hand-me-down multi-colored 85’ Nova with manual transmission. Williamson did seem to find his hands which was encouraging, but the lack of blocking on the right side was horrid. Birk, McKinney, and Hutchinson did their parts once again, but when your quarterback can see the offensive linemen’s mug while trying to throw there’s a problem.

Next up Da’ Bears. This game will determine if the Purple are contenders or just William Hung getting by on brief moments of unintentional brilliance.

I did make some fictional wagers over the weekend, and had the best day that I can recall. Eight out of ten correct (including picking the 49ers straight up, go Frank Gore!!!), one ticket cashed, three out of four on another (why why why did I take the Broncos -11 ?!?!). Of course we will not mention a certain Philadelphia team that crushed my Vikes-Falcons-(insert unmentionable team here) parlay that could have paid for a beer or ten at the Boathouse. Alas, the team with a bird as its mascot, decided in the fourth quarter to mimic a wounded duck versus the usual proud, soaring symbol of America.

Hang your collective heads in shame Eagles’ fans, although I promise to acknowledge your existence this Friday with a purchased beer or drink from myself to drain your sorrows.

Make Friday happen now, I hate the wait.

Thanks for the dropping by, now I apologize for the lack of pokery-type updates but my weekend was filled with lost wallets, screaming kids, and clearing up some spousal residue (which has made both of our lives easier). Perhaps a post saved for tomorrow.

I intended on sweeping up some more WPBT POY points during the HORSE tourney last night, instead the kids stayed up a little longer then expected and missed my usual donation to the bloggers.

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