Thursday, September 14, 2006


Why is it that I'm replying a hand over and over in my head that I lost a stack at $200 PLO8 last night over and over, but can't remember how I won almost twice that amount last Friday?


Twins lose the game and lose Liriano for the year.


Its been awhile and no honey I didn't see any discarded tampon wrappers to inform me of what week it is.

Score one for being a guy.

I attended a company "Cultural Fair" to learn about different countries around the world. Appearently there's people who live beyond the Mississippi River and Fargo. I learned how to make Irish soda bread (gonna try this out on my day off tomorrow, look for the post "I Blew Up My House" on Saturday) and scones and that Moscow only has two less Billionaires then New York City. I kept looking for Larry the Cable Guy's booth with free Cheese Whiz receipes and discount coupons on Marlboro Reds, duct tape, and teen pregnancy tests but I guess trailer trash isn't considered a nationality yet.

Educational to say the least, and the candies from Sri Lanka were tasty. No, I don't want to know what was inside.

I'll be heading up to the cabin for the weekend of course, but the wife has hinted towards leaving her degenerate husband at the casino for an extended time so I'm hoping to get in some live poker before giving away Good N' Plenties at the Bash. I'm thinking the Eric Molina "Hey! I play internet poker and read a book by Phil Hellmuth phear me!" style should work on the Grumpy Old Men types with their Ole and Sven's Bait Store fishing/trucker cap and suspenders causing their pants to touch armpit hairs, waiting on their 15th cup of decaf and mid-day pill cycle while pondering a call with the nuts on the river.

Or maybe I'll just wear the recently lucky t-shirt and try to squeegee one more win out of it.

Thanks for dropping by, now over half of the blogs I've read this week proclaim: Poker blogs are dead. Go read Sound of a Suckout, my thoughts mirror this. I still play poker, but I'm not going to bore people with hand histories or inane advice unless I have a question for the far more talented players out there. Nor do I have the fortitude to stay up until 5am to win a tourney CONGRATS HOY (I'll mirror Speaker's question... do you ever sleep?)!!!!

Besides, the improv comedy of kids running around in their Bob the Builder underwear and writing just to jot down my thoughts is far more fun then repeating how many outs I missed (it was 20 outs twice for the hand I lost $200 on) or how many outs so-and-so had when I got rivered after being ahead pre-flop.

On a final note... I guarantee there will be a recap involving poker after I get home from the Bash, even if it contains a shot and boobie count.

Edit: Macarena just came up on this "Stadium Rock" internet station I'm listening to and sadly its stuck in my head now. I may need to punch someone in the face.

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