Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bowling For Dollars

Four casino trips in one month.

I have a sick, Grubby-like fetish for slot machines and in need a patch or something.

Anyone have a suggestion on a plan of attack so I don't find myself trying to tunnel out of my cubical with a spoon to go on a much anticipated trip in September? The only way I can afford the trip is if I manage to make it through these four trips without putting a serious dent into my relatively meager bankroll:

Grand Casino Hinckley (Poker room, bar, going with only the wife who only plays slots)

Black Bear Casino (Will be trashed from bowling tourney, small poker room, going with mom who gets free showtickets at Mystic Lake for playing strickly penny slots)

Las Vegas staying at MGM Grand (I hear they have a salad bar and Krispy Kremes **this trip worries me the most**)

Treasure Island Minnesota (Willl be trashed from a bowling tourney, going with brother-in-law who splits tens with a dealer ten showing, they do have a small poker room that I have not given away money at yet)

I ask thee wise and powerful gambling sages for thy knowledge. Amen.

Thanks for dropping by, now did anyone have Nadia going to the final four for the NBC Heads-up Championship? Me thinks its the year to pick a mid-major for Pauly's pool.

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