Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Read Em' and Weep

Pot Limit Omaha Eight or Better = +$13.25 (slow night)
Limit Omaha Eight or Better = -$170.00 (I hate life)

The limit variety continues to befuddle me beyond comprehension. There’s something wrong with my limit game that just doesn’t click. I’ve tried being aggressive, loose, tight, sneaky, bashful, dopey, sneezy, and doc. But, nothing seems to click for this self-proclaimed student of the four card bingo game. I’ll be back next month to try again since the wet newspaper to the nose doesn’t deter me from trying again.

Over at the PokerStars blog you’ll find a recent article by one elevator company nicknamed scribe that had a guest writer fill-in about his recent VIP package obtained through five billion hands of online poker. The package included coming to this great state to watch the Dallas Mavericks show the Timberpups what an enjoyable basketball team looks like versus one player.

Being from Toronto this statement seemed little off…

We get into Minnesota after a few hours and there are two buses. The team gets on one bus and we get on the other and go to the hotel. The hotel is in downtown about seven blocks from the Target Center. It wasnt that cold (similar weather to Toronto), but every block there was a pile of snow that had been plowed that was just massive....much taller then me. The apparently get a lot of snow Toronto had that much snow a few years ago and they called in the army to assist, but I think that it is part of life in Minnesota.

Yes, there’s snow in Minnesota it occurs eleven and a half out of twelve months, native Eskimos feel sorry for us.

The hotel is really nice. A very fancy place called the Grand Hotel. We go up to the elevator and Dirk walks out (ducking so he doesnt hit his head). We ride up the top floor to our rooms, with the massage therapist (the call him fingers). He is a really funny guy and seems like he is the father figure of the bunch. Everybody from the team is extremely nice, but he is a really outgoing guy. On the ride up he tells us about who needs a massage to work out the kinks after a game, especially on the back to back games. We get to our rooms when we realize they gave Daniel and I our own seperate rooms. We think that is pretty funny, especially when I open the door into the largest, nicest hotel room Ive ever been in. They have absolutely everything in the room, and the bathroom, is the size of my living room. A clock radio stereo system that you can plug your ipod into provides music as I fall asleep on the softest most comfortable pillow I've ever slept on.

If you're famous and in town, the Grand Hotel is where you stay, unless you're just here to hit up Shiek's, Rick's, and Deja Vu for some spray-on tan boobies.

So the next morning we get up and go grab a bite to eat. We both think that the downtown core is pretty dead. Toronto has a lot of residential mixed in with business so there are always ppl around, but the streets of Minnesota were very quiet. We see a couple of places to go eat, but its just the window and there are no doors to get in. We cant figure it out, but decide to go back to Brugger Bros that we saw earlier. On the door it says to use the mall entrance, so we see the entrance a few doors over and grab a bit to eat. We ask the guy if the mall is fairly big, because we have 6 hours to kill. He isnt sure and asks someone else and they say yeah there are a few stores. So we start to walk around the mall. At this point we realize that Minnesota is a huge underground city. Every building has a glass tunnel that connects to the next building that is on the second floor (We saw a few of these walking around but didnt put two and two together).

Ah, someone found the Skyway and City Center. Its easier to get to the different buildings downtown by using this versus one of many professional sled dog teams that act as cabbies.

Always fun to hear a perspective of someone visiting Minnesota for the first time, come back soon eh!

Thanks for dropping by, now a big round of applause for Moooooooooookie with the awesome new banner he drafted for me. And be sure to hit up his tourney at 9pm EST at Full Tilt tonight. Thanks!!

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