Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Its All About The Angle of the Dangle

Did I finish 1st or 24th?

Avert your eyes from the boobies
After a solemn night at the cash game tables and bleeding off my early stacking of someone with a wrap straight + flush draw versus a set, and eventually ending the night on a losing note due to technical difficulties at Full Tilt, I single tabled the above tourney to see if concentration would help tune my luckbox for the evening.
It did.
"I've already won the tourney since Al dropped by"
- Me while 7th out of 7 people left at the final table
Three luckbox moments and about an hour later I take home the hammerific $72.00 first prize and start planning a new wing to the house with full-service french maid doing french maid things in a french maid outfit.
For the 35 people who played, you can blame slb159 for informing me that the second chance Wheatie was going to be worth getting three hours of sleep for. Money-wise it probably cost me more then the winnings due to staying in a juicy game until Full Tilt's hamster wheel servers crapped out, and slowly bled me of my winnings earlier in the evening. I feel for you guys working there with all these problems, but it damn frusterating on the user's end with these service regurgitations. I continue to hope for the best for our boys working in Dublin.
Thanks for dropping by, now its time for March Madness to begin!!!

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