Monday, March 19, 2007

UK Casinos

The following is a paid advertisement:

With huge poker room Interpoker showing off its wares on its introductory page, The Gaming Directory for UK Casinos is a one stop web site for those interested in signing up for online gaming within their regulated boarders.

With a multitude of links to various gambling destinations over the internet and land based casinos, you can find exactly what you're looking for if gambing in the UK is the subject of your search.

Something I haven't seen before called a "prize drawing" website brings you to a site probably linked with a little spam for your e-mail box in exchange for a chance to win some prizes. One such site is sporting a travel giveway with four round trip tickets anywhere. Not sure if that includes trips across the pond, but might be worth a couple of extra emails a month.

If sports betting on "proper" football, cricket, and darts (???) fits your degenerate heart, there's several links to sportsbetting sites to throw your hardly earn gambling dollars, pounds, and euros at.

Learning the various games of chance is probably the first steps towards becoming the proper "punter". So hit up the gambling rules link to find help with baccarat, poker, and blackjack.

For the beginning gambler, this website will help you gain a foothold on the various options you have to throw around those online and brick and mortar type casinos in the United Kingdom. Even the longer lasting gambler may find a few new tricks by digging into the site's different links that could yield that slot machine or juicy no limit hold em table you've been looking for

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