Monday, March 05, 2007

Is That What Metrosexual Smells Like?

My instinct is telling me someone won’t want to watch Sportscenter this morning. And what will happen to Posh’s TV show?!?! THE HORROR! Of course the knee injury could just require some ice and a Swedish rub and tug to get this national treasure back to booting free kicks for $250 million.

I love this line from from Gary Lineker on Beckham’s move to the States

“Of course, bringing back Beckham, who has 94 caps, could only be considered a short-term fix because, when he moves to the United States in the summer, he is going into semi-retirement.
"That is what is happening. I know what it is like because I went through it when I moved into Japanese football.
"The standards will be lower and he will be a long way from home. That will definitely be the end for him."

Wish I could make $250 million while semi-retiring. Maybe I’ll just win the WSOP Main Event ten times in a row while qualifying each year via a forty frequent player’s point freeroll on PokerStars. If Stars is still around when I’m busy counting the number of smallmouth bass and PBR’s left in my livewell on a Wednesday afternoon while living off my reverse annuity funded by porn stock and recycled diet coke with lime cans.

That’s also assuming the WSOP doesn’t crumble into nothingness by the time I retire. Might even be a stretch that the WSOP (as we know it) would last until Wyatt gets his first detention for mooning the teacher after disagreeing with her views on global warming in a few years.

Everyone else have a good weekend? Anyone need two feet of snow to get their snowboarding itch scratched? I got plenty of the white stuff and no yellow snow unless the deer in my backyard couldn’t make it back to their outhouse. Was fun sledding once we navigated to the hill through almost waist-deep powder, of course that meant bringing Wyatt back up the hill in his sled giving me and the spouse a badly needed workout (one month to Las Vegas and frightening people with our ghost white complexions).

As for poker, I started the weekend off with hating life while cursing the RNG, and ended on a slightly higher note as I booked a profitable weekend and started collecting tokens for a run on those Full Tilt bracelet races. The WSOP PLO8 tourney is $1,500 and the only way I’ll play is to win one of those bracelet race packages. Since I hate spending more then $20 for a tournament buy-ins, tokens will be my ticket to the Rio this summer.

I was going to pimp the Pokeronmac freeroll from last night but something strange happened on the way to iPod nirvana… Full Tilt’s servers decided to crap out.


On a Sunday when their biggest tourneys are running.

C’mon guys, I know how hard you’re working but this isn’t helping retain old players while market grabbing the new ones without the help of Jesus’ samba dancing skillz. Site stability should be priority number one in these skittish times, make it happen as Stars still pulled in 6,700+ for their Sunday Million.

I usually type after a bad beat… “unreal” which describes my shock that my gamble didn't work but it also shows my confusion as to how their Sunday tourney manages to get stronger and stronger. On the cash game side.. its too bad the PLO8 sharks are starting to swim in my little $100 6-max ponds as I’ve enjoyed a good run on those tables lately (knock on wood).

A final question to those with little tax deductions running/crawling around the house… your child wants to play after you’ve spent the past two hours re-setting the plastic pins of his Fisher-Price bowling set and now its time for your weekly dozing off during whatever golf tourney is on.

How do you say “no, daddy needs to pass out”?

Looking into his eyes, so eager to play, it hurts to refuse his unlimited energy while my tank is sitting firmly on “needs a nap”.

Thanks for dropping by, now those people who enjoy Minnesota High School hockey… Burnsville walked away from top ranked Holy Angels over the weekend with the state regional title. Think Gophers losing to Holy Something in last year’s NCAA hockey tourney and you’ll get the same feel for the upset.

Edit: The state tourney starts Wednesday... I wondered why I couldn't find the championship game on this weekend. And yes Mike, no Spuds :(

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