Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Starting the Madness

I'm only going to ask one more time so my ears can cease bleeding.

Stop. Voting. For. Sanjaya. I know its funny, like tripping that dork in the high school hallways every day as he tried to carry his two tons of advanced placement books to his class funny. But it needs to stop, because karma is a bitch.

With your support of knocking out Sanjaya from American Idol (male viewers), your hair will grow fuller, you'll gain an extra two inches of manhood without the help of that Swedish dick pump or pills being touted by that freaky TV smiling guy, and you'll get laid everyday until Melinda wins.

Since I spent a good portion of yesterday in the flood plains of my basement (luckily no viable water damage) carrying an eight gallon shop-vac out to the curb, I'm going to just throw out a couple of quick pimps to Iggy who's productivity destroying ubers come through once again and Wicked Chops Poker who shockingly posted women in various stages of undress, shocking like Anna Nicole Smith dying shocking. And if naked women wasn't enough, they dug up a video I've replayed no less then 10 times in the past week with Daniel LaRusso showing the Cobra Kai's that all you need is a preppy Elizabeth Shue in your corner for inspiration to kick ass.

Thanks for dropping by, now I'm going back to filling out my NCAA tourney bracket. How can you not love Winthrop?!?!

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