Friday, March 16, 2007

Operation Gimp Driver Successful

I passed the neurological exam yesterday and currently I'm the proud owner of some doctor's scribblings on important doctor-type notaries.

Today I'll barter with the DMV (no palmed $20 as suggested by Huge Junk) as to which medival torture devices they'll ring me through for the pleasure of driving around the block for a week.

I want to thank all of the well wishers from yesterday as I can't come up with more then "this is pretty fuckin cool" right now :)

I will touch a little more on this comment from PokerPeaker in a later post:

Congrats and good luck.

I can't imagine what you went through, and congrat yourself for being a cynical and funny guy instead of a bitter and prick-like person after such a shitty thing.

I have to honest when the transformation of "woe is me" and hating life didn't happen overnight, in fact you could count a few years that were lost due to self-loathing and hating that next breath I drew, not to mention a crumbling marriage. A lot has to do with our little circle of degenerates, my wife's strength, and sitting back to observe the kids.

But for now, the bar is open kids, time to par-tay!

Have a great weekend!

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